‘Bosch’: Do We Know the Official Name of Upcoming IMDBtv Spin-Off Show?

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

With details of the upcoming IMDBtv ‘Bosch’ spinoff show leaking out, many wonder what the show’s official name will be.

Author Michael Connelly is candid about where the new show’s material will come from, but the title is still up in the air. Show star and producer Titus Welliver says it is a different book.

“If you call it just Bosch or just Bosch PI, (the show creators) hesitate because [while] it’s a great thing to bring over the audience — it’s very recognizable,” Connelly told Newsweek

Connelly is quick to point out the new series is about more than just about Bosch.

“Bosch PI — it does not serve the other things we’re doing with (daughter) Maddie Bosch and (high-powered defensive attorney) Money Chandler,” Connelly said. “We’re really building up these two other characters.”

Connelly’s 2006 book, The Wrong Side of Goodbye, is the basis for the new series. The author has said the book is a homage to the great private investigator writers and novelists. He said the switch from cop to investigator was a ‘no-brainer.’

“It’s very much one of my favorite books; it might be my favorite book because I finally get to the thing that inspired me to be a writer,” he said.

Connelly’s The Wrong Side of Goodbye draws parallels to Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. Bosch is called to a mansion to find a billionaire’s heir as part of the plot. The heir may have fathered the child from 70 years before. And with the case comes all sorts of mayhem and issues for Bosch

‘Bosch’ Says Official Name of IMDBtv Spin-Off Show Is Different

Show star and producer Welliver told TVInsider.com in late June that the next chapter of the new series comes from Connelly’s Burning Room.

“For people who have read Michael’s books and the chronology of things, Harry reaches a certain age,” Welliver said. “…I think what we see him do is (Bosch) makes a choice where he says, “I may not be able to affect anymore change here, so let me go over here and try to do it in a different place.” 

Welliver adds that part of the plan may be the main character getting used to his new environment after 25 years of police work. 

The Burning Room follows Bosch with a rookie partner this time. The two investigate to a covered-up assassination attempt that links to well-connected Los Angeles business people. Also, part of the drama involves a controversial mayor with eyes on being governor.

Backing Welliver is another report from ScreenRant. The website said the new show would take elements from Connelly’s The Burning Room. In it, Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer character Mickey Haller works alongside Bosch in several ways. The duo also team up in other series books The Crossing and Two Kinds of Truth