‘Bosch’: Everything to Know About Season 7’s Crazy Finale

by Jonathan Howard

After 7 seasons of Bosch on Amazon Prime, the series has come to an end. While the Bosch spinoff is coming soon, fans were treated to quite the finale. Season 7 was going to be a somber finale for viewers, but with the new spinoff, plus the surprise ending of the season, fans are now eager for more.

Of course, Harry Bosch, the title character is not one to fit within any sort of system. He constantly comes at odds with the LAPD, FBI, and authority in general. While Bosch does what he can to live his life to his own principles, he also has to deal with family issues. Namely, the fact his daughter, Maddie, works for a Honey “Money” Chandler, the defense attorney.

As his daughter learns the ropes of “playing the system” Bosch has to deal with the Police Commissioner, Irvin Irving being reinstated for a second term. Throughout season 7, the contradictions and storylines butt together and provide plenty of drama. However, the transformation of Bosch is what the season all culminates in.

Everyone knows the typical, rough, angry law enforcement narrative. Over the course of his career, Bosch has been hardened by criminal activity, corruption, and more. By the time the season ends, he transforms himself into a promising hero, with a tragic story. More of a Greek tragic character, but modern.

Bosch is not the kind of guy to compromise. In the season 7 finale, he is faced with the reality of his daughter, Maddie, applying to be part of the LAPD. Although he has his issues with the LAPD, it is clear that he is willing to do whatever as long as Maddie is by his side. Finally, the show ends with Bosch applying for his private investigator’s license. The woman taking the application simply mentions an FBI background check and asks, “Is that a problem?”

‘Bosch’ Spinoff Coming to IMDBtv

Although fans know that a Bosch spinoff is coming, there aren’t that many details. However, that isn’t a bad thing. While multiple stars from the original series are back, not everyone will return. The important thing is that Michael Connelly’s books will remain a heavy influence on the show’s story and plotline.

Now, Titus Welliver will return to play as Harry Bosch, and the show isn’t necessarily a “spin-off”. According to Welliverthe show is more of a continuation of the previous series. Bosch is going to be back on the streets of Los Angeles, but fans will have to wait and see what the new series has in store.

Perhaps it will be a straightforward continuation of the prior Amazon series. Hopefully, it is true to the original series while also bringing new angles and surprises for fans to enjoy.