‘Bosch’: How Season Seven Sets Up the Upcoming Spinoff

by Matthew Wilson

“Bosch” may have reached its natural conclusion. But Harry Bosch is just getting started and gearing up for a new spin-off on the way. In fact, if you watched the end of the hit series, you know exactly how the spin-off might pick up.

The finale sees the detective grow fed up with the Los Angeles Police Department. After a 10-year-old girl dies, Bosch decides to hang up his gun and detective badge. He cannot deal with the bureaucracy and red tape of the job anymore. Likewise, Bosch decides to focus on being a father to his daughter Madeline.

“With the new show, Madison Lintz, Mimi Rogers, and myself are the only existing characters from the original ‘Bosch’,” Welliver told Variety. “I hesitate to say the word ‘spinoff’ because it’s not really a spinoff —  it’s a continuation of the Harry Bosch saga. He’s still the same guy, just in a different place in his life. Maddie and Harry’s relationship really evolved into being very much at the forefront. The pulse and the heart of the show, so it makes perfect sense in the evolution of the narrative.”

The upcoming spin-off will act as a sequel to what came before it. While much will be the same, things are changing enough for it to be an entirely different show than what came before it. The future of Bosch was built into the framework of Season Seven.

‘Bosch’ Looks Forward

Fans of the show may not realize that the show was based on a series of successful books. In the books, Harry Bosch eventually leaves the police force like in the show. But he also becomes a private detective in later books as well. That’s the uncharted ground that the spin-off will take viewers.

“I read all the books, some of them multiple times, and something that I’ve always said to Mike Connelly is that there’s something [special] about the books when Harry leaves the force,” Welliver said. “He’s older, there’s a different kind of vulnerability. He’s not part of the police organization anymore. And the thing about Harry Bosch is that the more vulnerable you make him. The more you push him into a corner, where there’s danger, he becomes more dangerous. The idea of that is very appealing to me.”

And like “Bosch” proper, the spin-off will continue to explore the relationship between Bosch and his daughter. Their relationship will become an even bigger focus moving forward.

“The purest part of his evolution over the course of seven seasons has been his relationship with his daughter and how he has been forced to try to evolve because he has a daughter who is not unlike him, who’s stubborn and opinionated, but who also has a really strong moral compass,” he said.