‘Bosch’ Major Star ‘Unsure’ If They’re Returning for Upcoming Spin-Off

by Matthew Wilson

“Bosch” fans are excited for the upcoming spin-off on IMDb TV. But they may be disheartened to learn that a fan favorite may not be returning. Lance Reddick’s Irvin Irving isn’t expected to make the jump with Harry Bosch and other cast members.

That makes a certain amount of sense. Irving is the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was Bosch’s superior for seven seasons of the show. But the finale saw Hary Bosch leaving the LAPD and parting ways for good. It’s unlikely that he would continue to interact with Irving, given the career change.

The untitled “Bosch” spin-off will see Bosch become a private investigator. Fans were hoping Bosch might clash with Irving in the spin-off. But Reddick recently told Express his schedule would prevent guest-starring, much less starring in the series.

“I don’t know how much time I’ll have,” Reddick told the outlet. “I’m not sure how much reason [Bosch] will have to interface with the chief of police. Given the nature of the spin-off, that he is now going to be a private investigator, I‘m not sure.”

Reddick also confessed that he almost turned down starring as Irving on “Bosch” to begin with. Reddick previously starred in “The Wire” and didn’t want to play a similar role.

“It’s a job that I almost didn’t do, I almost turned it down,” he said. ” I didn’t want to play another commanding officer in law enforcement, but it ended up being one of the highlights of my career. In terms of how I feel about the spin-off, I’m a fan of the show, so I just can’t wait to see it.”

‘Bosch’ Brings Back A Few Mainstays

The untitled spin-off will bring back Harry Bosch as well as Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch and Mimi Rogers’ as Money Chandler. But initially, series lead Titus Welliver was unsure if he was returning. In fact, he thought he was getting recast in the role.

“I felt kind of bad because I misspoke when I told him ‘hey we’re going to do a spin-off with Bosch as a private eye’ and he just kind of nodded,” series creator Michael Connelly told Newsweek. “I didn’t think of it in terms of an actor and he thought ‘so you’re gonna reboot it with a younger guy or something,’ he was like ‘who plays Bosch?’”

But Connelly quickly assured the actor he wasn’t losing his signature role. Welliver will hopefully continue to play Bosch for many more years to come.

“No convincing was necessary. I think he sees this as the role of his life. For 30 years he was a character actor, you know, several names down the billing,” Connelly said.