‘Bosch’ Star Ben Milliken Runs for His Life in New ‘Run & Gun’ Trailer

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

“Bosch” star Ben Milliken is running for his life on a bad day in the trailer for his new movie “Run & Gun.”

The action-comedy film premieres on Friday, Dec. 3, with digital and On Demand releases on Jan. 11. 

Screen Rant reported that first-time director Christopher Borrelli, who had visual effects in movies like “Con Air” and “Armaggedon,” also wrote the film. According to Deadline, “The Ray” was the original title for the film back in March.

Star and producer Milliken works as Ray, a former criminal living in the suburbs with his family. But the man can’t leave his past behind after getting blackmailed into doing another job. That job gives way to assassins hunting him down, and Ray ends up defending himself and his family. Yeah, there are some gruesome, brutal moments to the clip, but we’ll wait for the reviews. Also, Michelle Campbell, who played a nurse in two “Yellowstone” episodes, plays a lawyer in the movie. 

Producers set the film in the Salton Sea region and filmed it in New Mexico.

Milliken Not Planned In “Bosch: Legacy” Series

Ben Milliken, who played “Carter” on the show back in 2019, isn’t slated to be in the new “Bosch” series on IMDb TV. But we may soon know when the series will come out.

According to a recent Gizmostory post, March 2022 may be a prime release time. Filming for the show started in June and recently wrapped up, according to show creator Michael Connelly.

In mid-November, Connelly and Welliver told reporters about the show’s recent naming. For weeks, they wouldn’t let it slip out. Connelly revealed the show name in an interview with a Tampa Bay Times reporter.

The IMDb website lists 11 episodes, and two episodes already have names. One episode got an “Always/All Ways” name. The other title is “Bloodline.” Producers likely had those episodes later in the season.

Also, Bosch turned in his badge and walked away from the LAPD force to end the Amazon Prime series. This time around on IMDb, the show starts almost two years into the future. Welliver’s character had his private investigator business going. Also, daughter Maddie Bosch (Madison Lintz) began her work in the LAPD, but now she’s thoroughly ingrained in the job.

Milliken Co-star Talked About Filming Movie

Kind talked about his “Run & Gun” bad guy movie role back in August, saying, “it’s such a weird type of movie, but what a challenge it was to play a really bad guy.”

The actor said he got along well with Milliken and had a great time. He wasn’t too fond of director Borrelli’s methods for rehearsing scenes. He said he wanted more direction but ended up having a wonderful time.

Kind hoped fans would love the movie, saying it was both “wonderful” and “weird.”