‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Teases Upcoming Spin-Off with Behind the Scenes Pic

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

“Bosch” star Titus Welliver’s behind-the-scenes picture may have teased a few more details for his upcoming spinoff series. 

If he’s going to play detective, then we might just have to as well.

First, Welliver looked to be on a set near a trailer when he took the photo. He captioned the photo, “This chap came to swing on Bosch PI, thank you Pasha!!!

Does that mean “Bosch PI” is the name of the show? It’s possible, but not likely.

Second, he thanked an actor named Pasha. That Russian actor is named Pasha D. Lychnikoff. Lychnikoff played “Blazanov” on the HBO series “Deadwood” in 2005 or 2006 with Welliver.

The Russian has also had roles in the “Ray Donovan,” the recently-canceled “MacGuyver” spinoff, and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He’s also set to play a role in a 2022 action film with Brad Pitt called “Bullet Train.” 

One fan pondered the Russian’s role in the spinoff, saying, “He always plays a creep, Russian gangster. What’s he up to on the new show?”

The 54-year-old Lychnikoff also played a cabbie in the Bruce Willis flick “A Good Day To Die Hard.”

According to IMDB, the voice, theater, and movie actor was born in Moscow and attended the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. He has worked in TV and movies for 29 years.

‘Bosch’ Star Pretty Active On Twitter

“Bosch” star Titus Welliver has shown a few behind-the-scene pictures from the set. The actor and show producer recently posted one leaning back and wearing a black cap and jean jacket. 

Maybe it was a short message to the fans about the new and improved “Harry Bosch, private eye.”

In another moment, he answered one lucky fan about the show’s release date. When a woman asked when the spinoff starts on the Amazon-owned IMDB.com channel, Welliver responded that they didn’t have a date.

The show will be free and with Season 1 set for ten episodes.

On Monday, the “Bosch” star also commented on the Bob Ross documentary, “Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed.” Welliver said, “Bob Ross documentary, beautiful and heartbreaking all at once,” and told a Twitter fan, “it was good.” 

Star Mourns Two Actors

On Monday, famous actor Michael K. Williams died from a drug overdose, and Welliver was quick to share his astonishment at the news.

Welliver posted a news article with the words “Heartbroken by this tragic news. Rest brother. Gone too soon.”

His “Bosch” fans chimed in, and more than 1,500 Twitter users liked the post.

Also, that day, French actor and tough guy Jean-Paul Belmondo died at 88. The “Bosch” star posted a New York Times obituary along with the words, “Rest in power good man. Thank you for the inspiration and beautiful work.”