‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Portrayed a Fan-Favorite Antagonist on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

by Anna Dunn

Bosch star Titus Welliver played a fan-favorite villain on Sons of Anarchy. Welliver, who now plays Harry Bosch, played the infamous James ‘Jimmy’ O’Phelan on Sons of Anarchy.

For those who need a refresher, O’Phelan was a crime boss and the face of the True IRA group. The group sold guns to SAMCRO. The actor first appeared on the show in a season 2 episode called Balm and was a recurring character up through season 3.

Jimmy does wind up dying in a season 3 episode called NS when he is stabbed to death and given the eerie Glasgow Smile by Chibbs.

Welliver Also Played the Antagonist on Another Hit Series

While Welliver is best known for his work as Harry Bosch, he can still play an incredible villain. He played an imperial captain for Disney’s The Mandalorian and the complex Agent Felix Blake on Agents of Shield. He also had a recurring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where he played Rob Miller.

Rob Miller was a powerful attorney who sexually assaulted another lawyer at a charity ball, and he doesn’t stop there. While he’s imprisoned by the end of the episode, he gets out on bail and causes more havoc. He winds up threatening Benson and the SVU team. His arc comes to an end when he murders a teenage girl.

‘Bosch’ is Getting an IMDBtv Spinoff Show

Titus Welliver’s rare protagonist gig as Harry Bosch isn’t over yet. Bosch, which is an amazon prime original series that ended its seven-season run earlier this year, is getting a spinoff show on IMDBtv. Fans of the show were disappointed when the show came to an end and it appears higher-ups and IMDBtv felt the same.

The series still doesn’t have a title, but it’ll follow another one of Michael Connely’s books. Connely wrote the series that inspired the show, and reportedly didn’t want Bosch to end either. The show isn’t going to be a traditional spinoff. Instead, it’s a continuation of the series on a new platform.

Connely is also involved in this series, and he spoke about what book they’re focusing on for the spinoff.

“I don’t know whether people will say ‘you’re giving away too much but hell, I wrote the books so I can talk about it. We’re really concentrating on one book, it’s called The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which is to me, of all the Bosch non-badge books, really is an homage to the great PI writers and novelists,” the author told Newsweek.

Shooting for the series has already begun, and there’s clear passion going in to the continuation. So while it may be a new series, it looks like it’ll have a very similar tone. The spinoff doesn’t have a title yet, but the excitement is already there.