‘Bosch’: What Will Upcoming Spin-Off Series Be About?

by John Jamison

As of now, there is no title for the new spinoff series from the world of “Bosch.” But who needs a title when you can describe the premise of the show in detail? Filming on the new IMDBtv series is set to start this year, and fortunately, we have a general idea of what direction the show will take.

“Bosch” fans may or may not be aware of where their favorite title character comes from. Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, is the product of a novel adaptation. Since the early 1990s, author Michael Connelly has been writing the Harry Bosch series of novels. To date, there are more than 20 different books. That has given the show plenty of material with which to work.

To keep things close to home, Connelly was brought in as an executive producer on the show. And from 2014 to 2021, he helped create all 68 episodes of the hit Amazon show. “Bosch” has since come to an end. But after seven seasons, audiences haven’t quite had their fill. And lucky for them, the show never even touched some of the source material.

That’s the idea behind the upcoming spinoff. A slightly different focus while maintaining the same character that folks have come to know and love. That’s right. Titus Welliver will be back to reprise his role of Harry Bosch, much to everyone’s relief.

According to Deadline, the new series will indeed revolve around Harry Bosch. But this time around, he’s set to have a working relationship with the Mimi Rogers character Honey Chandler. The detective and the attorney will work side-by-side, despite a tumultuous past.

Madison Lintz will also be featured in the untitled “Bosch” spinoff, reprising her role as Maddie Bosch.

Which Book is the ‘Bosch’ Spin-Off Going to be Based On?

According to Harry Bosch novel series author Michael Connelly, the new spinoff will be drawing mostly from one specific source text. To begin with, at least.

“I don’t know whether people will say ‘you’re giving away too much but hell, I wrote the books so I can talk about it. We’re really concentrating on one book, it’s called The Wrong Side of Goodbye, which is to me, of all the Bosch non-badge books, really is an homage to the great PI writers and novelists,” Connelly told Newsweek in early July.

And Titus Welliver, for one, couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of continuing as Harry Bosch. The actor talked to Deadline about the opportunity in March.

“The process of shooting season seven with the shadow of it being our final loomed heavily so when the idea was presented to continue with the possibility of a spinoff, without hesitation I said, ‘Let’s go.’ To all of our Bosch fans, thank for your incredible support for all these years and I can promise you the ride will only get better.”