Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman’s Daughter Shares ‘Phat and Fabulous’ Photo to Celebrate New Year

by Katie Maloney

Cecily Chapman, Daughter of Beth Chapman from Dog The Bounty Hunter, starts the new year with a “very risky” Instagram post.

Along with a photo of herself in a luxurious bathtub surrounded by flower petals, Chapman declares that she wants to start the New year by showing fans “the real me.”

Chapman writes, “In this New Year’s I don’t want you to see just me I want you to see the full me the real me. #PhatAndFabulous not everyone is skinny nor does anybody feel comfortable in their own skin and this is a very risky thing for me to do but guess what I’m gonna show people that we’re fat and fabulous no matter what you say BITCH!”

Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Spreads Body Positivity

Over the last few years, people have realized the damaging effects of photoshop and the inauthenticity of social media. As a response to the negativity, people created body positivity movements to empower and popularize all body types. Many celebrities have been advocates for the movements including performer Demi Lovato, Actress Jennifer Lawrence, and Model Iskra Lawrence. However, people don’t always respond kindly to the movement. In fact, many advocates receive critiques and hurtful comments. But that didn’t stop Chapman. As she writes in her post, her actions may be “risky.” However, she’s committed to showing her”authentic” self on Instagram. And fans are already responding positively.

One follower writes, “You’re not fat, you’re authentic and beautiful. ” Another responds, “Booooom beautiful tuff cookie you rock.” Another follower comments, “BTW. You are fabulous You are not PHAT, you are a beautiful woman. You rock. The fact you are comfortable in your body is great. All women should take your lead.”

With over 17,000 likes on the post and heaps of positive comments, presenting her authentic self to the world may not be as “risky” as Chapman thought.