‘Boy Meets World’ William Daniels Turns 94: How ‘Love and Family’ Keep the Mr. Feeny Star Going

by John Jamison

Fans of the classic ’90s sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’ can’t help but remember the infamous “Feeny Call.” The ever-patient Mr. Feeny would show up without fail, no matter how annoyingly Eric Matthews yelled his name. Fortunately for us, Mr. Feeny is still showing up.

Emmy award-winning actor William Daniels turned 94 years of age on Wednesday. How does he plan on celebrating? By giving back of course.

The man behind Mr. Feeny told People.com that he’s going to be filming personalized video messages for fans before going out to dinner with his family. When he was asked what kept him going all these years his answer was simple.

“Love and family,” he said.

In addition to the time he spent on ‘Boy Meets World,’ William Daniels acted on the medical drama ‘St. Elsewhere,’ where he received serious critical acclaim. During a five-year stretch in the mid-1980s, Daniels’ received five Emmy nominations and won the award twice for his portrayal of Dr. Mark Craig.

‘Boy Meets World’ Actor Bill Daniels And Bonnie Bartlett Share Secret To Long Marriage

One of the most impressive achievements of Daniels’ long life has to be his long-standing marriage to Bonnie Bartlett. The two have been married 70 years and are still going strong.

The couple is perfect for each other. They met while they were studying acting at Northwestern University and got married in 1951.

Not only are they both accomplished actors in their own right, but they starred opposite each other in ‘St. Elsewhere’ playing husband and wife, Mark and Ellen Craig. Bonnie even took home two Emmy awards of her own in the mid-1980s.

The ‘Boy Meets World’ actor posted a clip to Instagram from an interview the couple did with Forbes.

“He makes me laugh,” Bonnie said about William in the Forbes interview. “His sense of humor and his ability during every day to find something funny is really good for me because I’m very intense.”

“Well, I think our relationship is based on mutual respect. And I think she is smarter than me, better actor than me, and so I just hang on, you know? And try to get along,” said William about Bonnie in return.