‘Brady Bunch’ Actor Barry Williams Says Cast ‘Took Care of Each Other’ Like a Real Family

by Josh Lanier

Barry Williams is still close to his Brady Bunch castmates nearly 50 years after the show ended. The Greg Brady actors said recently that their quick rise to stardom pushed the cast together as they were one of the few members in a “very small club.”

Williams told Closer Weekly that he loves when people ask him about The Brady Bunch all these years later. He knows it’s impossible to separate him from the character that made him famous. Plus, it’s fun to relive those moments, he said.

The Brady Bunch has been an integral part of my life,” he said. “It’s a show that has been with me now for over 50 years, and I consider the cast members a second family. I know that there is interest and curiosity around the show, and I’m happy to oblige.”

That bond between the cast persists. Partly because they literally grew up together and in the public spotlight. Success can be isolating, and very few people understand what it’s like to face that level of scrutiny.

“We have a very unique experience in common,” Williams. “We grew up with the show playing family members and went through all of the changes in our growth in front of the world. That created some unique and sometimes challenging circumstances, but we protected each other and took care of each other. That commonality puts us in a very small club.”

The 66-year-old Branson, Mo., star said he’s especially close to Brady brother Christopher Knight.

The Brady Bunch was on the air for five seasons before ABC canceled it in 1972. But the show is a mainstay in syndication, still airing on several stations today.

Barry Williams Hoped Leave Brady Bunch Behind

Barry Williams didn’t always have such an accepting view of his bubble-gum past. In fact, after the show ended, he wanted to leave that all behind him. It took him years and a lot of introspection before he came to terms with his Brady Bunch past.

“I was done with it and wanted to move on,” he told WRAL in 2009. “I only resented the character when it interfered with getting new work, and I became very active and successful in musical theatre, and as time went on and I juggled between theatre and TV and singing, I made my peace. Then I wrote a best-selling book called Growing Up Brady, and I was grateful again for the show.”

And he admitted that his love of his castmates wasn’t always platonic. He and Marcia Brady actress Maureen McCormick dated off and on during the production. The Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz worried it would tear the cast apart. So, he asked his son, Lloyd Schwartz, a producer on the show, to break them up whenever he saw them together. Schwartz wrote in his book, Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of The Brady Bunch, that he was assigned to be on “hormone patrol.”

“An unspoken responsibility that became part of my job was hormone patrol,” he said. “The Brady kids were attractive to America — and attractive to each other. Each of them had an opposite-sex counterpart with whom they were spending an inordinate amount of time. It is only natural that relationships would begin to develop.”