‘The Brady Bunch’: Cindy Actor Susan Olsen Was Bullied ‘Mercilessly’ for Being on Show

by Halle Ames

As the youngest of The Brady Bunch, you would think that Cindy actor Susan Olsen would have it easy in Hollywood, but she reveals it was just the opposite.

At eight years old, Susan Olsen was cast to play Cindy Brady on the hit show, The Brady Bunch. From the start of the show in 1969 until its last episode in 1974, Olsen was a main character in the series.

Susan Olsen Reflects on Bullying

As a star in Hollywood, you would think that she would be treated like a celebrity among her peers; however, she says this was not the case in an interview with the New York Post. Although, Susan Olsen notes that her parents prepare her for the bullying.

“I was teased mercilessly. I know about bullying. But I had really good parents who gave me a lot of wisdom, and at least I knew I wasn’t being bullied because I had a club foot, but I was being bullied because [other kids] were jealous.”

Susan Olsen also highlighted an example of a time when the neighbors kids bullied her for her role on The Brady Bunch.

“One time, I was riding my bike around the neighborhood and saw a group of kids playing on a big mound of dirt, and I wanted to go play with them. I thought, “No, they won’t want me to play with them because I’m Cindy freakin’ Brady. Wait a minute, I’ve lived in this neighborhood longer than any of them have. I have just as much right to that mound of dirt than they do. So I got up my nerve and rode my bike over to them and tried to play with them, and they started throwing dirt at me, saying, “Brady brat go home!”

Jealous Kids and Their “Mound of Dirt”

Susan Olsen wasn’t ashamed of her character, however. She admits she was proud of her entertainment career and wasn’t jealous of the children’s dirt pile. Although not everyone treated Olsen this way, she says the kids that didn’t know her were the rudest.

“I thought, “Wait a minute, I’m on a TV show, and I have so much fun. I don’t blame them for being jealous, and I’d rather be on that TV show than playing on a mound of dirt. So let them have their dirt.” This only happened with kids that didn’t know me; my friends at school always defended me and would even get in fights for me.”

After The Brady Bunch ended in 1974, Susan Olsen began marketing campaigns for Sindy doll and Converse shoes. She later went on to work as a radio host in Los Angeles and make appearances on various television shows.