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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Spoke Out on ‘Craziness’ of Reality TV

by Josh Lanier
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Of all of The Brady Bunch children, one of the weirder late-in-life turns was Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady, becoming a reality television star.

It all happened fairly suddenly as well. Knight, who had been working in computers and technology after leaving acting joined VH-1’s The Surreal Life. It was a bizarre combination of The Real World and Celebrity Fear Factor, where celebrities would live together in a mansion and compete in games for prizes. But while on that show, he found love with Adrianne Curry, who won the first season of America’s Next Top Model.

Shortly after The Surreal Life ended, Knight and Curry were given their own reality show called My Fair Brady. It documented their love life, marriage, and attempts to have children.

The Brady Bunch Actor Dishes on Reality TV

In 2012, Hollywood Chicago asked Knight about the hardest part of being on reality television.

“No, that it lived at all was the hardest part. [laughs] Reality TV is by far the hardest thing,” he said. “Outside of the obvious, first you have to live within the craziness of it. And then, it’s put together and aired, and you have to live it again, but differently. Because what has happened is pretty intimate, it was just us and the crew, and they never commented on it. And then it plays on TV.

“Oftentimes we would say things that are being captured by a camera, then it is seen by the person we are talking about – not that it happened to us that often, we were just two people. That’s all going to come out, though, what were we thinking? Because of that, I had to be really present, to understand the implications. If I couldn’t say it in front of the person, don’t say it. I only recognized the power of it later when it all played out.”

The couple married in 2006 and divorced in 2012.

Christopher Knight was Happy to Leave Acting

Christopher Knight said once The Brady Bunch was over, he began to pull back from the acting world. He wanted to follow his other passion: computers.

“What I was naturally inclined to was science, always have been,” he told PopEntertainment.com in 2008. “I always wanted to see myself in a lab coat with a Bunsen burner and being a chemist or a physicist, in that arena. As it turned out, a good deal of my friends from high school became physicists and engineers. They drifted into the aerospace industry that was here in Southern California and then a number of them thereafter drifted into the computer industry. Right around that same time, I was looking for something to do.

“So I thought that I probably needed to get off on another career path, before I was thirty and before it was too late. I had friends in that industry, and I was getting ready to get married the first time, so I approached some friends.”

“I got a job as a rep in the computer industry selling peripherals. It was a great learning experience and I became an expert on the video side of things. I took to it, like a duck to water. It sort of was a passion of mine. I mean, I’m sort of a geek, really.” 

He began his run in the industry in the early 1990s with a 3D graphics company named Visual Software. He also founded Eskape Labs — a TV tuner company — and Kidwise Learningware.