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‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Greg Actor Barry Williams Said He Has ‘No Regrets at All’ About Memoir

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

“The Brady Bunch” star Barry Williams doesn’t have any regrets at all about writing his tell-all, autobiography back in the 1990s. Williams starred in the 1970s sitcom as Greg Brady.

In 1992, Williams wrote “Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg” about his formative years and his time on the sitcom. The book explored a relationship that Williams had with his co-star Maureen McCormick. Williams wrote about behind the scenes of the show including arguments between series creator Sherwood Schwartz and actor Robert Reed as well.

For fans of “The Brady Bunch,” the book offered new insight into the show. While some people later regret their memoirs, Williams has no such reservations. He said he was proud of the book and calls it an accurate portrayal of his memories of the show.

“No regrets at all. It is a good book,” Williams told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I am proud of it and spent almost three years writing it. And getting it ready because I wanted it to be right. I think it is an accurate account, well, certainly of my experience growing up and the general experience of what growing up on the TV series was. And I think it describes the relationships well. Not only that. It led to my executive-producing it as a television movie for NBC which was a pretty nice credit.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Memoir

The memoir explore Williams’s youth away from the show as well. It also focused on how the actor dealt with being famous at a very young age. The book included an incident where Williams filmed a scene of the sitcom while high. The young star dabbled in marijuana on his off day with friends and showed up to set stoned when production called him in to film a scene. It was an experience Williams never forgot and later regretted.

Williams appeared in the TV movie based on his memoir. It was appropriately titled “Growing Up Brady” and released eight years after the book in 2000. Williams served as the narrator and played himself during certain moments of the production. But actor Adam Brody took up the mantle for most of the movie, playing a young version of the actor.

Like the memoir, the movie focused on the behind-the-scenes drama on the set of the show. Williams dedicated the TV movie to his late co-star Robert Reed, who passed away in 1992.