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‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Is Still a Big Fan of Bryan Cranston

by Allison Hambrick
<> at Geffen Playhouse on May 22, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan shared that he still enjoys watching actor Bryan Cranston do his thing. The two worked side by side for seasons on the hit series, and they’ve remained friends ever since. In fact, Gilligan and his wife, Holly Rice, frequently see the actor when he performs live.

“We go to the ends to watch Bryan perform because there’s something special about seeing it happen live,” Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m used to seeing him on set doing one scene over and over again, but getting the chance to see him alongside these wonderful actors for almost two hours straight — it’s amazing. I mean, how in the hell do they remember all those lines?”

As for the play itself, Gilligan felt like Cranston knocked it out of the park. He starred in a play called Power of Sail. It follows Cranston as Harvard professor Charles Nichols who becomes embroiled in controversy after inviting a white nationalist to speak at an annual symposium.

“I loved it,” Gilligan said of Power of Sail. “Boy, it’s a very challenging play and it’s a lot of food for thought that I’m still digesting. It kept me guessing at every turn and I did not see a lot of those plot points coming. I was just impressed by the acting — all of the actors are wonderful. I’m biased for Bryan — I’m in the tank for him — but he never fails to surprise me. He is so wonderful. Every time I think I’m used to seeing the amazing performances he gives, he always surprises me.”

Gilligan again expressed just how much he loves watching Cranston do his thing. The writer explained that he hold the utmost respect for stage actors. He said:  “I was thinking about it while we were having drinks in the lobby. What’s he going through? What are all the actors going through backstage? Are they nervous as hell? I was nervous for them. I could picture myself going out there and then forgetting everything. That’s why I’ll never do that. No one’s asking me, by the way.”

Breaking Bad Star Opens Up About Controversial Role

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston also discussed Power of Sail. According to the actor, he felt like starring in the play would be a way to contribute to the conversation.

“A good play may not change your life, but it could change your day,” explained Cranston. “To go deeper, a play can also stimulate the mind. It can make you question your thought process. Your dogma. It could challenge you.”

Cranston explained that he previously confronted his unintentional bias when he turned down the opportunity to direct a play based on The Foreigner, which involves the Ku Klux Klan. Because of the heavy themes and plot, Cranston felt uncomfortable directing it as a comedy.

“It is a privileged viewpoint to be able to look at the Ku Klux Klan and laugh at them and belittle them. For their broken and hateful ideology,” Bryan Cranston explained. “It’s not funny to any group that is marginalized by these groups’ hatred. And it really taught me something.”