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Brothers Osborne Reveal Why They Celebrate ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV)

What exactly is a “Misfit Thanksgiving?” The Brothers Osborne explain their holiday tradition.

A ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’

Although siblings John and TJ Osborne are unable to be with family on Thanksgiving, they still celebrate with each other and friends during their annual tradition of hosting a “Misfit Thanksgiving.”

“What we’ve done the past several years because it’s so hard to go home, we would have what we call the ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’ dinner,” says Osborne.

John and TJ are originally from Maryland, but now live in Nashville. They invite friends to their home with everyone joining together to have a “big potluck style Thanksgiving dinner.”

A Nashville tradition

“A lot of people in Nashville didn’t have the time or couldn’t afford to go home, back when we were all struggling musicians, [so] we started this thing called ‘Misfits Thanksgiving’,” John Osborne told The Boot in 2015. “Everyone who lives in Nashville, we invited to our house.”

“That’s what we do in Nashville: We look out for each other,” adds Osborne. “If you can’t see your family, we’ll be your designated family.”

The laid-back “Misfit Thanksgiving” isn’t fancy, but the gathering of friends who are unable to go home is an important tradition to the brothers.

“We’ll take like a couple of tables and throw them together and throw some sheets on it just to make it look nice,” says Osborne. “It’s a very redneck display of like tableware because all the plates don’t match, and the forks and knives don’t match, but we don’t care.”

“People will bring wine, and at the end of the day, we’ll probably have 12-15 people all sitting at dinner together that weren’t able to go home with their families, and just enjoy it with friends,” adds Osborne. ‘It’s been really fun. Definitely a lot less stress than going home.”

The Brothers Osborne

The Brothers Osborne are a newer act, but by earning two Top 40 hits with “Let’s Go There” and “Rum,” the two have garnered a great deal of attention. The following single “Stay a Little Longer,” from their debut album, Pawn Shop, became a major hit, shining a light on the brothers’ musical talents.

The two previously served as the opening act for both Darius Rucker and Miranda Lambert, and continue writing songs for several famous country artists.