Bruce Dern Praises Costar Trace Adkins for Acting in ‘Last Shoot Out’

by Matthew Memrick

Acting legend Bruce Dern praised country star turned actor Trace Adkins over his work in “Last Shoot Out.”

The longtime actor said he’s always “judged people a certain way,” meaning “can they fill a doorway?” Along with actress Charlize Theron, Dern told Cowboys and Indians that the country star is in rare company. Theron won an Oscar for the 2003 film “Monster,” which she shared screen time with Dern. 

“Well, Trace Adkins has that,” Dern added. “He may have no self-confidence in himself, but Jesus Christ, he has a presence. And he was very good in [2019’s Badland film]. I didn’t have any scenes with him, but when I was shown the movie, and I saw it, I said, “Who the bleep is that guy?” 

Then, Dern remembered a past Trace Adkins role. The 85-year-old actor said he remembered Adkins finishing second on former president Donald Trump’s NBC game show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 

While Dern has been in the business for 60 years, Adkins has starred in TV and movies since the early 2000s. 

Adkins Keeping Busy

The actor and country star’s new show, Monarch, begins on Jan. 30. The series is about a country music family named the Romans. 

Adkins plays Albie Roman, and he’s married to Susan Sarandon’s Dottie Cantrell Roman. Together, the couple has worked hard at creating a music dynasty. Along with rising country star daughter Nicky Roman (Anna Friel), the family keeps their legacy intact. 

Beth Ditto, Josh Sasse, Megan Holder, Inigo Dominic Pascual, Martha Higareda, and Emma Milani also star in the show.

In addition to his acting, the actor will be in two upcoming movies. In the western “The Desperate Riders,” Trace Adkins will star as Thorn. Rotten Tomatoes describes the movie’s plot as a loner and a female sharpshooter must save a boy’s mother from a ruthless outlaw. The article mentioned the movie comes out on DVD and BluRay on Tuesday.

Adkins will star with Vanessa Evigan, Cowboy Troy, Drew Waters, and Adkins’s wife, Victoria Pratt. IMDb said the film had scenes in the Collinsville area of Tennessee. 

Production wrapped up on “Maneater,” a tale about a group of friends stalked by a giant shark on an island. The group is pulled together after an accident on a paradise-like island. 

Finally, Trace Adkins has some new music coming out this week.

The singer Tweeted that his take on Hank Williams Jr’s hit song, “A Country Boy Can Survive,” is coming out on Friday. The song will be in his upcoming FOX drama

One Twitter fan named Bonnie Huntsinger said, “Yay! Trace, you bring your own life & panache to any song you cover! This Hank Jr. song is so perfect! Looking forward to this. Heard a clip on the trailer!”