Bruce Dern Reveals Advice He Gave Daughter on Acting

by Jonathan Howard

Since his days as a young actor, Bruce Dern has been an interesting figure in the film and television industry. His family is quite talented as well. Dern spoke about his daughter Laura and her career in the industry.

Laura Dern is known for her role in The Fault In Our Stars, a tear-jerking movie that her father couldn’t finish. “It’s the only movie I’ve ever watched I couldn’t get through,” he said. However, he is proud of his daughter’s work and remembers giving her sage advice when she was starting out.

“Take risks, go to the edge of the cliff and play parts other actresses won’t do,” Bruce Dern said to his daughter. She took that advice and it has led to many opportunities. Now, along with her dad and mom, Diane Ladd, they have a neat honor together as a family.

“And do you know that her mother, Diane Ladd, and me and Laura are the only family in the history of Hollywood to all have stars on Hollywood Boulevard? Other families, plenty of them, but never mother, father, child,” the film legend explained.

Throughout his career, Bruce Dern played a number of memorable roles. He was chosen over Al Pacino to star in Family Plot. Alfred Hitchcock chose Dern over Pacino for a couple of reasons. He was cheaper than the Godfather actor and he was “unpredictable” according to the legendary director.

It was his work with another Hollywood legend, John Wayne, that would give Dern his most infamous role. Of course, Dern is known as the man who killed The Duke.

Bruce Dern and the History of Film on Goliath

In the Amazon series Goliath, the series took a deep dive into the history of filmmaking in the last season. Season four even honored Bruce Dern and his history in film. Billy McBride has a dream during an episode. The attorney saw a man riding a horse (Dern) and the outfit was very special, the same one from the film in which he took out The Duke.

As a former Western star, Dern, who plays Frank Stax on the show, has horseriding experience. He apparently thinks of himself as quite the rider. However, his costume in the dream was very familiar. Especially if you remember the 1972 classic The Cowboys.

This film is special because, Dern, playing the bad guy, kills John Wayne. The entire scene is dramatic, and made many Western fans had hard feelings for Dern thinking back to the film. He shoots Wayne after losing a fistfight and even shoots him in the back. Right in front of the children cowboys looking on. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. If you consider yourself a fan of Western, you have to see the movie.