Bruce Springsteen Breaks Silence on His Recent DWI Arrest

by Emily Morgan

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is speaking out following his public DWI arrest in New Jersey. During a recent interview, the 71-year-old spoke openly about the incident. “I was handcuffed and thrown in jail,” he told The New York Post. “That took some doin’… I didn’t wake up one morning, get on my motorcycle and say, ‘I’ll go to jail!”

He continued, adding in a bit of levity to the serious situation: “My case was, ‘The United States vs. Bruce Springsteen.’ That’s always comforting to hear — the entire nation is against you!” In November of 2020, Springsteen was charged with a DUI in New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area after drinking just two tequila shots. 

Until recently, he hadn’t commented publicly on the arrest apart from his Zoom court appearance where the most severe charges were dropped, and he was fined $540 for drinking alcohol in an area where it is banned.

With his incident behind him, the “Dancing in the Dark” singer is shifting artistic gears and heading to Broadway. Springsteen ended the 15-month shutdown of Broadway, the longest in its history, when he opened his 30-performance limited engagement of his solo show at the St. James Theatre.

However, “Springsteen on Broadway” is no traditional Broadway production. It includes no choreographed musical numbers. Instead, the show consists of a one-man show with just a microphone, a harmonica, a piano, and six steel strings. 

Bruce Springsteen Reignites Broadway

“I am here tonight to provide proof of life,” Springsteen proudly told the crowd on Saturday night. It was a line from the monologue of his original show, which ran for in 2017 and 2018. He continued, saying that that proof, was “to that ever elusive, never completely believable, particularly these days, us.”

Springsteen’s show will continue into September. In addition, Springsteen won a Special Tony Award for the music play. Earlier in the year, a filmed version of “Springsteen on Broadway” was featured on Netflix.

“It’s great to see everybody here tonight,” he told the crowd after opening up the show with “Growin’ Up.” 

He continued: “Un-masked, sitting next to each other in one room. It’s a long time coming. It’s a big time thrill. What a year. Seventy-one years on the planet and I’ve never seen anything like this past year. 

He added, “And I was lucky. We stayed healthy and busy. I put out a record with the E Street Band. We did a film called A Letter To You. I did a radio show, I did a podcast with the President of the United States, I was handcuffed and thrown in jail.”

Shortly after news broke of his DWI, he also revealed that he planned to collaborate with former president Barrack Obama on the Spotify podcast, Renegades: Born in the USA. 

The Boss and Obama have been friends for over ten years, making the partnership a natural fit. During the eight-episode series, they covered various topics like fatherhood, marriage, race, and the country.