Bruce Springsteen DWI and Reckless Driving: Judge Dismisses Charges

by Emily Morgan

Prosecutors dropped DWI and reckless driving charges against Bruce Springsteen after pleading guilty on Wednesday to drinking tequila at a New Jersey federal park last year.

On Wednesday, prosecutors found Springsteen to be well within the legal limit at the time of the incident.

During a virtual arraignment hearing, prosecutors said they could not meet the legal burden to charge the 71-year-old whose blood alcohol content was below the state’s threshold of 0.08, coming in at 0.02.

During the hearing, Springsteen sat next to his lawyer Mitchell Ansell as he appeared before Magistrate Judge Anthony Mautone.

He answered a series of questions, acknowledging he had been drinking alcohol inside the National Park on November 14. He also admitted he was aware it was illegal at the time.

“I had two small shots of tequila,” Springsteen told the judge.

After the “Born in the USA” singer entered his guilty plea, Mautone ordered him to pay a fine of $540.

“I am going to impose nothing but a fine,” the judge said.

Judge Imposes Fine Following Bruce Springsteen’s Arrest

Local police reported the incident after Springsteen pulled over his motorbike to take a picture with fans and accepted a tequila shot.

When approached by a park ranger, Springsteen refused to take an initial breathalyzer test.

In his report, he wrote that Springsteen “smelt strongly of alcohol,” had “glassy eyes,” and was “visibly swaying’ back and forth.”

Also in the report, the officer said he had witnessed Springsteen “consume a shot of Patron tequila” before getting back on his motorcycle. Hayes said he then informed him that drinking inside Gateway National Recreation Area is prohibited.

“The Patron bottle that the shot was poured out of was completely empty (750ml),'” the ranger added. “I asked Springsteen if he was leaving and he confirmed that he was going to drive out of the park.”

“I observed five out of eight clues on the walk and turn test,” he said. “Springsteen took 45 total steps during the walk and turn instead of the instructed 19. He refused to provide a sample on the preliminary breath test.”

According to Hayes, police arrested Springsteen near the lighthouse in the park.

Police charged Springsteen with a DWI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a park’s closed area.