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Bruce Springsteen’s Jeep Ad Reinstated Now That the Musician’s Legal Issues Have Been Resolved

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images for The Rainforest Fund)

On Wednesday, legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen had his recent Jeep advertisement reinstated following the court ruling from his DWI case.

Springsteen recently starred in a Jeep commercial that first aired during Super Bowl LV. Just days later, news broke of the “Born in the U.S.A.” singer’s previous arrest in mid-November. As news spread of his charges, the automobile manufacturer pulled the ad from its scheduled television and online spots.

However, after the government dropped both drunken driving and reckless driving charges, Jeep is reinstating the ad. In fact, a Jeep spokesperson shared a statement with The Hollywood Reporter that touched on the matter.

“As we stated previously, we paused the commercial until the facts were established. Now that the matter has been resolved, we are unpausing the film,” the Jeep spokesperson explained to THR.

Supposedly, Springsteen’s blood-alcohol level fell far below the legal limit of 0.08 since he only registered a 0.02 BAC. Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam Baker admitted that his BAC levels didn’t warrant the charges.

Bruce Springsteen Arrested for DWI, Charges Dismissed

Although the court dropped the main two charges against Bruce Springsteen, the musician did plead guilty to another minor charge. The 71-year-old rocker pleaded guilty to consuming alcohol in a federal park, which is against the law.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Springsteen appeared before a federal judge over videoconference. His case became a federal matter because the reported crime took place in Gateway National Recreation Area – a New Jersey federal park.

On Nov. 14, police arrested and charged Springsteen with driving while intoxicated. Also, he faced reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area charges, according to National Park Service officials.

“The Boss” originally refused to take a sobriety test, according to the park ranger’s arrest report. Yet a source familiar with the case told The Asbury Park Press that he did comply with the test later on. That’s when Springsteen supposedly blew a 0.02 BAC.

After pleading guilty to the consumption of alcohol in closed area charges, the judge fined the musician $540. According to the NY Times, the judge and the famous rocker shared an amusing moment together when speaking about the fine.

The judge asked Bruce Springsteen how long he needed to pay the $540 fine.

“I think I can pay that immediately,” Springsteen responded.