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Bruce Springsteen Makes Light of DWI Arrest Cracking Joke at Broadway Show Opening

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Bruce Springsteen had some serious ups and downs last year. His were just a little more public than most.

The reality of his issues in 2020 came to light in February of this year. That is when the world learned that he had been arrested for a DUI in November of 2020. That started not only court proceedings but also a shift in public opinion about Bruce Springsteen as well as the cancelation of a popular Super Bowl ad spot he did for Jeep.

On Saturday, Bruce Springsteen helped to herald the reopening of Broadway leter this year. He did so by playing to a fully-vaccinated sold-out crowd at the St. James Theater. During that 30 minute performance, the classic rock legend played favorites as well as a few new songs. Most notable among the new songs was “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” from his 2020 release. He performed that song as well as the classic tune “Fire,” with his wife.

Bruce Springsteen didn’t attempt to sweep his arrest under the rug, though. He spoke jokingly about it to the assembled crowd, according to Fox News. About that arrest, the Boss said, “I was handcuffed and thrown in jail.” He went on to say that the arrest wasn’t something for which he had planned. “That took some doin’,” Springsteen said, “I didn’t wake up one morning, get on my motorcycle, and say, ‘I’ll go to jail!”

Looking Back at Bruce Springsteen’s Tumultuous 2020

In case you forgot about his tumultuous year, let’s refresh. The Boss’ ups and downs from 2020 actually came to light back in early February of this year. At that time, he had teamed up with Jeep for a massive Super Bowl ad spot.

That Bruce Springsteen ad spot featured a long monolog about the importance of unity. Many viewed the spot as quite a touching sentiment. The ad caused a stir among those who saw the Boss as someone who stirred division within the nation during the chaos of 2020. However, the controversy over the ad became moot. it was pulled from the airwaves as well and the internet. That happened almost immediately after the news of his November 2020 arrest surfaced.

In the moments leading up to that arrest, the Boss reportedly did two shots of Patron and snapped selfies with some fans in a national park in New Jersey. Then, he got on his motorcycle to leave and a ranger pulled him over. However, the charges were later dropped. He was well below the legal limit for driving.