Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Ad: How Much Did He Get Paid for Jeep Commercial?

by Atlanta Northcutt

How much did Bruce Springsteen make for his part in the advertisement “The Middle” during the Super Bowl LV?

The Super Bowl LV commercial that captured the hearts of millions featured a custom score by Springsteen, as well as one of The Boss’ first commercial appearances and voiceover.

Although it’s not exactly certain how much Bruce Springsteen made for his role in the Jeep commercial, it’s easy to look at the price of advertising on the Super Bowl, as well as The Boss’ current monetary earnings.

How Much for ‘The Middle’?

Jeep has yet to release how much the Grammy-winner made for his appearance in the Super Bowl ad or the work he placed in it. The car company also hasn’t made the announcement on how much the advertisement cost to produce.

It would’ve cost tens of millions of dollars to even air the ad, seeing as a 30-second placement on airtime during this year’s Super Bowl costs approximately $5.5 million, according to Variety. According to that statement alone, Jeep would have spent $22 million for the two-minute spot. 

Bruce Springsteen’s Previous Earnings & Net Worth

The singer made $37.5 million in 2018, according to figures compiled by Forbes. This earned him the position of No. 84 on the list of highest-earning celebrities for that year. However, since 2018, he hasn’t made the list.

Along with his earnings and place on the Forbes map, it’s also important to view his net worth. Springsteen has an estimated net worth of $500 million. Other than his hit albums, the artist’s 2016’s autobiography, “Born to Run,” finds popularity and becomes a best-seller.

The Boss returned from 2017 to 2018 for his one-man show Springsteen on Broadway. The hit show finds such popularity onstage that a film for Netflix is created, leading him to become a co-director of the 2019 documentary and concert film Western Stars.

The Meaning of the Advertisement

The fact Springsteen isn’t one to appear in commercials and has previously shut down other requests means a great deal. Perhaps more than monetary gain.

Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of Stellantis (the automaker behind Jeep) claims he’s continuously requested Springsteen to represent the car company over the years. However, the musician continuously declined. Jeep’s commercial for the Super Bowl LV ad, entitled “The Middle,” seemed to capture Bruce’s heart.

“What you see today really is a 10-year story in the making,” Francois tells CNBC. “We started discussing Bruce – about Bruce, not with him, about – with my old boss, Sergio [Marchionne]. … He loved Bruce Springsteen’s music.” Marchionne, who died in 2018, was the CEO of Fiat-Chrysler (now known as Stellantis after a merger with French company Groupe PSA). 

Springsteen’s Role in the Jeep Commercial

Springsteen co-composed the original score for the ad and was sure to add the words into the script to make it his own. In late January filming took place in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. 

Francois speaks on how Bruce viewed the commercial. The musician saw it as a sort of prayer. This explains why he took the care to write his own music for the ad.

“If this is a prayer, he didn’t want the music to distract from that,” says Francois. 

Whether it’s the money or the message, both Springsteen and Jeep made a hefty sum by gaining the hearts of the public in “The Middle.”