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Bruce Willis Film ‘Reprisal’ Moves into Netflix Top 10: What to Know

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/WireImage)

Streaming platforms have made it to where anything can be popular. Now, a 2018 Bruce Willis film is getting love on Netflix. Already pushed into the top-10 worldwide on the streaming platform, 2018’s Reprisal has had quite a revival recently.

While it is unclear what is causing the added interest three years later, no one involved is worried about it. This film received single-digit ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, and less than a 20% from fans. The fact that it is so popular on Netflix now only adds to the intrigue of the film.

So, what is the deal with this movie? Well, it stars Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis as Jacob and James. Jacob is a bank manager that has his life turned around after a murderous robbery. James, his ex-cop neighbor teams up with Jacob and the two try to track the killer thief and his next moves. However, things don’t exactly work out as the criminal is a step ahead at every turn.

Jacob’s wife, played by Olivia Culpo, and daughter are both kidnapped by the criminal. Gabriel, played by Johnathon Schaech takes them and sets up quite a meeting between the trio of men. This has explosions, action, and more it seems, just like a Bruce Willis movie should. Over 89 minutes, this one comes in just under that seemingly perfect 90-minute mark.

Perhaps the scale for streaming platforms versus theaters is much different from one another. Can a movie be a bad box office hit but find success as a streaming option? This film only got $103,904 at the box office. Right now, Reprisal is raising the question and perhaps answering it as well.

Call Bruce Willis, ‘Armageddon’ Is Here in Real Life

Every day it seems that science fiction is becoming reality. That is the nature of progress, I suppose. Well, Bruce Willis might be needed because the plot to Armageddon is coming to real-life next month…sort of.

For the first time ever on November 23, NASA is going to test out the Double Asteroid Redirection Test. The program is also known as DART. Basically, this is a planetary defense system that will hopefully be able to redirect asteroids that pose a threat to Earth. Currently, two asteroids are being diverted. Didymos and its moonlet will be in NASA’s crosshairs soon enough.

Nothing like some asteroid diversion around Thanksgiving. Using a “kinetic impactor” technique the DART spacecraft will purposefully crash into the asteroid. This will allow a change in orbital speed and it can be tested from Earth. This spacecraft is set to take off at the end of November. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will send it into the asteroid at 15,000 miles per hour.

Don’t worry, Bruce Willis won’t be aboard to sacrifice himself for mankind. This will be an unmanned flight and hopefully will show us a thing or two about diverting asteroids.