Bruce Willis Wins Halloween 2021 with Unrecognizable Costume

by John Jamison

Actor Bruce Willis has played plenty of costume-inspiring characters over the years. Hardly a Halloween goes by without at least a few Die Hard John McClane or Pulp Fiction Butch Coolidge sightings. So what did the man responsible for all of these timeless characters go with for his costume? Well, we’re not really sure. And maybe that’s the point of his “rando guy” getup.

What we do know is Bruce Willis went all out. He sported a prosthetic, life-like mask that looks like it came straight out of a Hollywood costume and makeup department. It appears to be complete with a dangling band-aid on the lower lip. Combine that with the wild hair and beard, and Bruce Willis is completely unrecognizable.

Willis’ wife of 12 years, Emma Heming Willis, shared a Halloween photo of the family on Instagram.

If you ask Bruce Willis’ kids, the costume is straight-up creepy. Apparently, it’s been in the family for some time.

“This mask remains horrifying.. what a family heirloom,” daughter Scout Willis replied to the post. Emma Heming Willis echoed her sentiments, calling the mask “forever horrifying.”

Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Celebrates the Couple’s 12th Anniversary

Bruce Willis was married to fellow movie star Demi Moore were married from 1987 to 2000. They had three daughters together, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Their kids have since grown up. But these days, Willis is still playing his dad role to the daughters he shares with his current wife, Emma Heming Willis.

Bruce and Emma share two children, seven and nine-year-olds Evelyn and Mabel. In March, the couple celebrated their 12th anniversary. Emma took to social media to reflect on their marriage.

“Boy I sure do love this guy to the moon and back! Even though there’s been times I would have loved to take him to the moon, drop him off, and come back solo,” she joked. “That’s what 12 years of marriage looks like, right?”

Of course, the couple has had their fair share of struggles. But fortunately, their relationship seems built on a strong foundation.

“We’ve had our fair share of floating-on-air ups and disheartening downs. But he is my person. There’s no one I would want to go through this crazy thing called marriage with than with him. He’s my family, he’s given me the family (and more) I dreamed of and I love him to my core. Happy 12th anniversary my sweet,” Emma Heming Willis continued in her post.

Also fortunate is the fact that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis appear to be on good terms, with the former offering Willis some kind words for his birthday and two spending time together with their shared kids.