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Bubba Wallace Claps Back on Twitter After Getting Called Out Over Garage Pull Controversy

by Josh Lanier
(photo credit: Daniel Shirey / Stringer / Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace caused a stir on Twitter Monday. He replied to a woman who had criticized him and the FBI over how they handled the garage pull controversy from earlier this summer.

That incident started in June when it was believed the NASCAR driver was the victim of a hate crime. Someone reported finding what appeared to be a noose in Wallace’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway. But after the FBI investigated, it was discovered the rope had been there since at least October and was not directed at Wallace, the only black driver in NASCAR’s Cup Series.

NASCAR teams, drivers and fans rallied around Wallace after the rope was found. Since then, Wallace has had to defend himself from the baseless claims that the incident was a hoax or somehow staged. Wallace did not report finding the rope nor did he call the FBI. And photos of the garage pull show that it does look like a noose.

On Monday, Wallace responded to a tweet about the situation. It featured a GIF of a man slipping into a hot tub.

Wallace was responding to Emerald Robinson’s comment that called out the FBI’s seeming lack of response in another case. Robinson serves as Newsmax’s White House Correspondent.

She was referring to the claims Judicial Watch recently made. The site reported cell phones of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel agents were “wiped” clean of data before they could be examined. Tom Fitton is the president of the conservative activist group Judicial Watch.

Fans, detractors square off in the comments

Wallace didn’t seem to enjoy being drug back into the fray, nor did many of his fans. Several rushed to defend him and show their support.

Some fans didn’t appreciate the correlation to Wallace, but did take issue with the FBI and the claims Fitton and Judicial Watch made.

Others used it to re-litigate the garage pull incident and take swipes at Wallace.

The 26-year-old Bubba Wallace has made headline lately. Last week he announced he was leaving Richard Petty Motorsports. He also reached out to a fan who had his Wallace gear destroyed by his dad, offering to replace it.