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Bubba Wallace Gets Booed At Bristol Night Race, Twitter Goes Crazy

by Chris Haney
Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

On Saturday, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was showered with boos as he was introduced at the Bass Pro Shops NRA Bristol Night Race. 

In a video that circulated on YouTube, some fans can be heard cheering for the #43 driver. However, Nascar fans that chose to boo Wallace quickly overwhelmed any cheers that could be heard throughout Bristol Motor Speedway.

Accordingly, Wallace seemed to take the boos in stride after the race. In fact, he even joked about the matter implying that he expected the negative crowd reaction. Wallace responded to a user’s comment on Twitter by saying, “Lol not expecting it?!! Where you been? I’m battling with (Kyle Busch) for the top spot in that category. Jokes on them tho.. thanks @beatsbydre. Couldn’t hear a thing.”

Wallace has divided fans’ opinions in the NASCAR community. Specifically, Wallace has been very open with his political views by supporting ongoing protests for social justice and racial equality.

However, Wallace’s stance on the matter has led to backlash from fans and even from President Trump. In fact, he even caused a storm when advocating for NASCAR to rid the sport of confederate flags over the summer.

Consequently, Wallace has quickly become one of the most controversial figures in NASCAR. Therefore, he has also become one of the most polarizing drivers on the circuit.

Bristol Boos Bubba Wallace and Twitter Reacts

Over the weekend, just Wallace being introduced to the Bristol crowd warranted quite the reaction. Some fans were heard cheering, but the majority seemed to boo the driver.

Twitter users did not hold back in with their opinionated comments on the incident. Some fans could not believe that Wallace was being booed, and thought the crowd was classless for their actions.

Other fans fully supported Wallace and told him not to listen to the jeers.

In contrast, many Twitter users enjoyed the crowd booing Wallace. But, some thought it was justified.

Bubba Wallace still has seven additional races to compete in this season with Richard Petty Motorsports. NASCAR fans will have plenty more opportunities to have their voices heard – online and at the tracks.