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Bubba Wallace Goes After Joey Logano on Twitter Over Daytona Crash

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk / Stringer / Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace is not happy with Joey Logano after last Sunday’s race at the Daytona Road Course. The No. 43 driver took to Twitter to throw shade at Logano for a late incident that knocked him out of the top ten down to 25th overall.

On the final lap, the Richard Petty Motorsports driver was en-route to a career-best fifth top-10 finish. However, Logan’s No. 22 Team caused a collision with Alex Bowman’s No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro. The hit knocked Bowman into the rear of Wallace’s car, sending him spinning out of control. While others moved ahead, Wallace moved to the side of the track. Logano finished 9th overall in the race.

During an interview, Logano talked about the race and his team’s last-ditch effort to crack the top ten. He says the team didn’t have a chance to win but wanted to go for it anyway.

“You hope that you can run a lap when a caution runs out and you can re-rack ’em and go again,” Logano said. “But, you know, that didn’t happen. We weren’t going to win from where we were, you know. We were seventh and we weren’t going to win from there. So, let’s give it a shot.”

Logano continued by adding: “And we were pretty far back and got back to ninth. But, we got nothing to lose. Figured we’d go for it. What the heck, why not? So that was kind of the theory behind it. I thought a lot more cars would pit. I’m surprised how many cars behind me stayed out. I thought when I saw the leaders stay out, I was like, ‘Oh heck yeah, I’m pitting this. It’s gonna be great.’ I can’t believe more didn’t pit.

Wallace retweeted the video with the message: “He damn sure tried to win it from 10th into 1 on the last lap.”

After retweeting the clip, a number of NASCAR fans responded to Bubba Wallace about his message to Joey Logano. A handful showed support for Wallace while others slammed him for the post.

“It’s kind of funny,” one user writes. “Same people blasting Bubba for his comment, are the same people who tried to give him hell when he tried to go three wide at Michigan on that last restart. Y’all inconsistent.”

Another user offering an opposing perspective writes: “Man, all these replies talking the smack and people out here forgetting who has 25 wins and a championship vs who has 0 wins and 0 championships.”