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Bubba Wallace Sends ‘Swag’ Bag to Fan Whose Gear Was Destroyed For Being ‘Political Statement’

by Outsider
Bubba Wallace speaking at Talladega Speedway.
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

When Noah C. Cornelius’s father ripped the Bubba Wallace sticker from the back of his car, he was obviously upset.

Cornelius took to Twitter to share his sadness. His father called the sticker “tacky” and “a political statement.” But he probably didn’t think his son’s tweet would reach almost 6,000 likes. Cornelius really didn’t expect for Bubba Wallace to reach out, either. But that’s exactly what happened.

The tweet gained traction. Bubba heard the fan’s situation. He replied with a kind proposition.

“Sorry to hear this!” Wallace wrote. “Let’s get you some new stuff DM me your addy bro!” He thanked Cornelius for all his support over the years.

Bubba Wallace makes a fan’s day with a swag bag full of goodies

Cornelius couldn’t believe his luck. Later, he tweeted his appreciation.

“I’ve been watching NASCAR for years but only just recently got back into it thanks to Bubba Wallace,” he wrote. “We’re both biracial so it’s extremely personal to me!!”

Fast forward a few weeks later. There’s been a massive outpouring of support. For example, Cornelius has a sizable collection. He’s shown it off on Twitter. You can see a flag,-shirts, hats, and much more.

“To @BubbaWallace and everyone who sent me things…I don’t even know where to begin…I’m so overwhelmed with so many emotions right now, he wrote. He thanked everyone who had reached out, including Bubba.

Cornelius is swimming in support from fans and his hero. It looks like this situation truly had a silver lining and a happy ending. As a result, Cornelius’s father now has a lot more merchandise to contend with. It seems like he may think twice before intervening next time.

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