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Bubba Wallace Shares Video for New Sponsor, Says ‘Progress Owes No Apology’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

In a sharp reel from his new sponsor, Root Insurance, Bubba Wallace stands by his convictions by noting, “progress owes no apology”.

The lesser-known sponsor, Root Insurance, is sure to experience a growth in followers after the striking video. Tweeting the promo themselves, Root notes that “It takes courage to shed light on a broken system, and conviction to reinvent it. @bubbawallace is a leader for change on and off the track, and we’re honored to support him. Visit http://joinroot.com/progress to learn about our partnership.”

Critics of the Bubba Wallace and his earnest quest for social justice, however, are not happy with the video’s tone. The tagline for the reel? “Progress owes no apology.” And Bubba Wallace is behind this statement 100%.

As a result, Wallace is retweeting a statement of his from back in November of 2017. Within, the driver states firmly that “There is only 1 driver from an African American background at the top level of our sport.. I am the 1. You’re not gonna stop hearing about “the black driver” for years. Embrace it, accept it and enjoy the journey.”

Turns out, he couldn’t have been more right. The tweet is even more relevant today than it was three years ago in a very different world.

Watch Bubba Wallace Embrace New Sponsor With Sharp Reel

“This means a lot to me for many reasons,” Wallace tweets on the new reel & sponsorship. “But mostly the most human of emotions: acceptance. @Root_Insurance accepts me for who I am.”

“We also share a vision of inclusion. It’s a positive change I try to represent, even when I fall short. But that vision should never be apologetic.”

The reel comes hot on the heels of NASCAR news that Eric Jones is replacing Wallace as driver of Richard Petty Motorsport’s #43. How this all pans out, however, is yet to be determined.

One thing’s for certain: fan’s can look forward to a thrilling 2021 season.

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