Buff Bagwell, Former WCW and WWE Star, Hospitalized After Car Crash

by Jacklyn Krol
Buff Bagwell hospitalized car crash

Former pro wrestling star Marcus Alexander “Buff” Bagwell was in a serious car crash and suffered numerous injuries.

The Car Crash

50-year-old Bagwell was admitted to an Atlanta hospital’s intensive care unit last Sunday after the wreck. According to reports, he lost control of his 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe while winding through a curve in the road.

His car crashed into the cement center median along with the metal fence before it continued moving into the eastbound lanes. The car eventually landed into the Cobb County Transit bus station’s bathroom.

He reportedly suffered broken ribs, a broken right hip, a broken left socket bone, a broken nose, and a torn right groin muscle.

An Update

Ron Gossett, an independent promoter, shared an update on Bagwell’s health via Facebook with fans. He also shared throwback pictures of their time together.

“Please send up Prayers for my friend Marcus “BUFF” Bagwell. He text[ed] me tonight and is hoping to leave the hospital tomorrow.But due to the terrible car wreck…he said he has some Bad injuries including… Broke ribs, broke right hip, broke left socket bone, broke nose, torn right groin muscle, lots of purple bruising. But No surgeries!”

See the post, below.


Who is Buff Bagwell?

Buff Bagwell, a.k.a “Buff The Stuff” is a five-time WCW tag-team champion. He was apart of the historic New World Order (nWo) and an overall fan favorite with his on-stage persona in both WCW and now WWE. He competed with the companies for ten years, 1991 through 2001.

WWE eventually purchased WCW while Bagwell was under contract. Owner Vince McMahon kept him on. His first televised RAW match was also his last. He fought against Booker T and the match is known as one of the most awkward in pro wrestling history. Soon after, he was released from his contract.

He later went onto wrestle in TNA and in Indianapolis before retiring in 2017 at the age of 48.

Buff’s Previous Car Crash

In 2012, Bagwell was involved in another serious car crash. According to reports, Bagwell called his wife at 1:30 PM and told her that he was about to have a seizure. He flipped his Jeep after hitting the median and was removed from the vehicle by first responders.

He suffered from broken bones in his neck, broken bones in his face, and a broken jaw.