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‘Bull’: Did Michael Weatherly’s Character Bribe the Jury?

by John Jamison
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

There’s not much point to being a world-class trial consultant if, on your worst day, you have to resort to bribing a juror. The clients paying Bull might as well cut out the middle man and bribe the jury themselves. In episode 4 of Bull Season 6, Michael Weatherly’s Jason Bull character is arrested by the FBI on suspicion of jury tampering. Is he guilty? Let’s explore.

Episode 4 of Bull Season 6, titled “Uneasy Lies the Crown,” finds Bull and his TAC team trying to bring down a vape manufacturer. One of the company’s products killed a customer. Bull manages to find a witness willing to testify that the company knowingly endangered their customers, but the opposing prosecution proves worthy and eventually paints him as an unreliable witness. Bull faces a challenging situation made worse by the fact that one of the jurors needs to leave the jury.

He decides to press onward with a replacement juror. But concerningly, we see Michael Weatherly’s character standing outside the man’s home. That alone is a significant cause for concern when we’re talking about a potential bribe.

Life has not been easy for Bull as of late. His daughter was kidnapped, and it has taken an enormous emotional toll on him. He’s rightfully stressed and has been showing signs of PTSD. Could this alone have motivated him to bribe a juror to guarantee an outcome? It doesn’t seem likely. But plenty of people have plenty of reasons to tarnish Jason Bull’s name. After all, the FBI arrest came on the advice of an anonymous tip. So it seems someone out there is attempting to frame Bull.

‘Bull’ Star Michael Weatherly Relates to His Character

Michael Weatherly’s Jason Bull isn’t accustomed to being wrong. His track record backs that up. It’s part of why the TAC team believes him when he says he didn’t bribe the jury. He simply takes too much pride in his natural talents. Weatherly feels that we can all relate to that feeling of being right.

He talked about the reliability of his character, who is undeniably a psychological genius, to himself and the audience as a whole in a 2019 interview with HeyUGuys.

“I can relate to him in the way everyone can, which as we all know what it feels like when we know we’re right and it feels so good, and it feels so pure and strong. You have this righteous like ‘I know I’m right.’ That’s the exact moment you have to be the most suspicious of how you are thinking and feeling. I think everyone can plug into Bull,” Michael Weatherly told the outlet.

If only we were in the right as often as Jason Bull.