‘Bull’ Fans Are Not Happy With How Benny Left the Show

by Megan Molseed

During its six-season run on NBC, the courtroom drama Bull has brought us some incredible cases and some beloved characters. The Michael Weatherly-led series is based on the real-life experiences of popular talk-show host Dr. Phil’s time working as a trial science consultant.

During the show’s six years on the air, we have certainly watched the Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team undergo a variety of changes. However, there is one recent change that viewers are not too happy about – the exit of the TAC’s in-house counsel Freddy Rodriguez’s Benny Colon.

‘Bull’ Fans Are Not Pleased With Benny’s Exit

Freddy Rodriguez has been a core cast member as Benny Colon on the popular drama series for a number of seasons. Colon, who serves as the in-house counsel to Dr. Jason Bull’s (Michael Weatherly) team was always the go-to for any legal question.

However, a “workplace investigation” led to Rodriguez’s exit from the series…and therefore Benny Colon’s exit from the TAC team. This development happened so quickly at the end of the show’s fifth season, the character’s absence was merely mentioned briefly in the sixth season premiere. In this episode, members of Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation note – in passing – that Benny has moved to Italy.

“Benny is blissfully happy in Rome,” notes Geneva Carr’s Marissa Morgan during the Bull sixth season premiere.

“Singing ‘Mi Amore’ to his Italian bride,” adds Dr. Jason Bull’s second in command in the surprising moment.

Without skipping a beat, Michael Weatherly’s Jason Bull chimes in, agreeing with Marissa Morgan’s take on Benny Colon’s whereabouts.

“True love won’t be denied,” Bull responds.

Fans Wanted More Closer After Benny’s Exit

And, that was it. Aside from this brief dialogue, viewers received little clues as to what is going on with Benny. And, fans of the popular CBS series were not happy with this tactic.

“Super disappointed. Benny was one of my favorite characters,” writes one Redditor on Benny Colon’s unusual exit from the series.

“Yah this sucks a lot,” adds another commenter who did not agree with Bull’s handling of Freddy Rodriguez’s series departure.

“Benny is a fairly critical character,” the Redditor adds.

Another Reddit user notes that the loss of Benny will be a big loss for the series. After all, the Bull fan notes, Benny Colon was a key player in the series.

“I can’t imagine Bull without Benny,” the Redditor explains.

“Benny is pretty much the most important character besides Bull himself,” the commenter adds. “Very sad to see he will not be returning […] Unfortunately, I don’t think Bull will be going beyond Season 6.”