‘Bull’ Fans Weigh in on Michael Weatherly’s Character’s ‘PTSD’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Bull season 6 opened up with Michael Weatherly’s Dr. Jason Bull dealing with the aftermath of his daughter Astrid getting kidnapped. Episode 2, “Espionage,” saw Bull snapping at his team, walking around so tightly wound but not dealing with it. It seems like he has PTSD, or at least extreme anxiety as a result of his daughter’s kidnapping and he’s taking it out on the team and on work.

A few fans took to Twitter to discuss Bull’s PTSD. One fan commented, “It’s fantastic! My anxiety is caused by bull’s anxiety! I’m delighted the writers aren’t glossing over his ordeal.” True, ignoring the aftereffects of a character’s child being abducted would be pretty sloppy writing. That ordeal would affect anyone, even a big-shot psychologist.

“I’m hoping Dr. #Bull and Izzy get some counseling in one of these episodes,” wrote another fan, referencing Bull’s wife. A moment of professional help for the professional gives an interesting look into how psychologists handle psychoanalysis themselves. Lots of creative opportunities here to explore the characters further.

‘Bull’: Big Changes for Michael Weatherly and the Team in Season 6

Big changes are coming for season 6 of Bull. First, Benny Colón is no longer on the show. Freddy Rodriguez played the attorney for Bull’s Trial Analysis Corporation since the beginning. As to how the show wrote Benny out, well, it’s very romantic. “Benny is blissfully happy in Rome, singing ‘Mi Amore’ to his Italian bride,” said Marissa Morgan in the premiere. Seems like Benny met someone and moved to Europe, where he is happily in love. Good for him.

Second, more screen time for the women on the show. Marissa Morgan, neurolinguist on the team, is looking at a bigger role on Bull. Hacker Taylor Rentzel might be getting into some trouble that will lead her to more screen time. Rentzel is also dealing with the fallout from an on-again-off-again relationship with her ex-husband. Likewise, Danny James is looking at a high-stakes romance with a rich client.

Lastly, it looks like the team is going to have to get closer to one another as the season progresses. Executive producer Kathryn Price told TV Insider, “They go up against bigger obstacles than ever before. Are they going to stick together?” With a couple of members of the team already gone–Benny off to Rome and Cable McCrory dead in season 3–can the team possibly stand to lose anyone else? They’re going to have to come together and work through whatever work and life throws at them.

A new episode of Bull airs Thursday, Oct. 21 on CBS. The episode is titled “Bull Undone”; what could that possibly entail for our protagonist? Will the show bring his anxiety to a breaking point? Only episode 3 will tell.