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‘Bull’: Here’s Who ‘Reacher’ Star Willa Fitzgerald Played on the Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Many television watchers recognize up-and-coming star Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval from the popular Scream: The TV Series. Fitgerald’s Emma was the original main protagonist in the hit series during the first two seasons of the popular horror series. Since then, we have certainly been noticing the striking actress in a variety of roles including her turn portraying Officer Roscoe Conklin in the original Amazon series Reacher. However, if you feel you have seen the actress before in some of your favorite primetime dramas, you may be right. In fact, the Reacher star even had a turn on the hit CBS Michael Weatherly-led courtroom drama, Bull.

Willa Fitzgerald Has a Long Television History

Willa Fitzgerald first came to television starring in the sixth season of the hit USA comedy-drama series Royal Pains. In this series, the actress portrayed Emma Miller the half-sister of the show’s main characters Hank (Mark Feuerstein) and Evan (Paulo Costanzo). During her recurring role in this series, Fitzgerald also took on the role of Lola Laffer in Amazon’s original series Alpha House; which also stars John Goodman.

Willa Fitzgerald has developed a strong resume starring in a variety of popular television roles. However, some fans may forget that she once had a guest-starring spot in CBS’s Bull. In the season 1 episode titled Teacher’s Pet, the actress portrays a high school teacher, Susan Bryant who has started a relationship with one of her students, Jared Kemp’s Jordan.

The teacher/student dynamic is certainly inappropriate. However, the series refers to a law noting that since Jordan is seventeen years old, Bryant isn’t officially breaking the law with the relationship. However, Jordan’s parents feel differently. They decide to go after Fitzgerald’s Susan Bryant in a civil case. The parents turn to Bull to help them with their case.

Willa Fitzgerald Is Part Of A Complicated Case on ‘Bull’

As the case unfolds, the situation gets more and more complicated. Jordan declares his love for his teacher, declaring his full support for her in the polarizing case. Soon, news that Bryant is pregnant shocks all involved. However, it isn’t long before we learn that Jordan is not the father. And, of course, major drama ensues, full of plenty of twists and turns.

This character was a good departure from her Scream: The TV Series role; which had just come to an end before her turn on Bull. It was a good departure from the character for which fans were used to seeing her portray on screen.

Scream: The TV Series features Fitzgerald as Emma, an introverted but popular teen girl who is targeted by a new “Ghost Face” killer. Of course, it’s Scream, so Emma watches her friends get killed one by one. All as she tries to save her life and the lives of those around her.

Fitzgerald’s current role as officer Conklin on Reacher is fast becoming a popular one. In the series, Fitzgerald’s Roscoe Conklin crosses paths with Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher. This comes after he is arrested in her town for suspicion of murder.