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‘Bull’: Jason Faces Intense Pressure as Time Runs Out in Upcoming Episode

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dr. Jason Bull is finding himself to be under intense pressure as the sixth episode in the popular CBS series, Bull’s sixth season premieres Thursday night.

In the upcoming November 11 episode titled Better Angels, Michael Weatherly’s Jason Bull and his Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team are under quite a bit of pressure when they learn they only have two days to prepare for their latest case.

This case involves a woman who is accused of operating as a midwife without a proper license.

Dr. Bull’s TAC team is running against the clock as they try to convince a group of women who the midwife has helped over the years to serve as character witnesses in the high-stakes trial.

‘Bull’ Has A Famous Back Story

Bull stars former NCIS frontrunner Micahel Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in the popular television series. The long-running courtroom drama is loosely based on the early career of television’s Dr. Phil McGraw. McGraw gained fame in the early nineties when his own lucrative trial consulting firm represented Oprah Winfrey in an overly-publicized lawsuit involving the Texas cattle Industry.

Dr. Jason Bull serves his TAC clients using an intricate mix of high-tech data, psychology, and basic human intuition. The psychologist and his team investigate each trial’s jurors, attorneys, and witnesses to develop the best case for their client.

Michael Weatherly has been portraying the brash yet charming Jason Bull since 2016.

Prior to taking on this role, the longtime actor was a fan-favorite on the hit CBS series NCIS from the series’s premiere in 2003 until his character’s departure in 2016.

Now, Weatherly, who portrayed Anothony DiNozzo in the CBS series may be teasing an exciting return of his NCIS character.

A few weeks ago, Weatherly impressed his fans with a Twitter post featuring a still from NCIS’s 200th episode.

Weatherly Teases ‘NCIS’ Fans With Throwback Pic

The photo that Weatherly includes in the tweet features the Bull star standing next to his onscreen love interest and fellow NCIS agent, Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David in NCIS’s 200th episode; which aired in 2012.

“Let’s just say… they ended up in Paris,” the actor says in the September 29 post.

“Anyone think that’s a possibility?” the actor asks. Weatherly went on to say that filming the scene featured in the post was “one of my favorite moments.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first time over the last few months that the actor made a nod to his former series on his Twitter page.

Last summer, Weatherly shared a photo that seemed to be a behind-the-scenes snapshot from the set of NCIS.

In the photo, the Bull star is up close and personal with a camera rig, smiling into the camera lens.

And, as some fans point out in the comments, the actor is clad in his Anthony DiNozzo’s NCIS gear. Could this mean Weatherly will be making a return? Possibly, but it seems only time will tell!