‘Bull’: This Was the Worst Episode, According To IMDb

by Joe Rutland

With Bull leaving CBS in a bit, it’s time to look back at some of the best, and worst, episodes. This one gets thumbs down on IMDb.

Which one of these shows starring Michael Weatherly gets the fan vote for worst one? We get some help thanks to an article from Looper.

The episode titled Benevolent Deception gets 5.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb. Yep, according to the list of 114 episodes from the show, this was ranked No. 114.

‘Bull’ Finds Lead Actor Heading To Miami, Helping Potential Lover

This episode took place in Season 1 and hit airwaves on May 23, 2017. So, on Bull, Jason Bull, played by Weatherly, goes to Miami and helps friend and possible lover JP Nunnelly, played by Eliza Dushku. It is a case where a defense is needed for a single mother caught with six kilos of heroin.

See, this woman offers the idea that she’s innocent and has been framed by her brother. This cat happens to be the head of a drug cartel. Leo, played by Evan Leone, happens to be funding the defense. We see Bull take on the case, even though he’s usually reluctant to work for criminals.

On Bull, Jason finds out that Leo planted the drugs at his sister’s house. When Leo’s tough guys threaten potential jury members, the judge orders them placed behind a wall to preserve their anonymity. That ends up hurting Bull’s jury science techniques. Now, we see Jason working out a deal with the prosecutor to drop the case over a paperwork technicality.

Benevolent Deception is not like your usual Bull episode. Jason never analyzes juries. The cast gets left in the dark while Bull’s possible relationship with Nunnelly takes center stage.

Possible Relationship Between Jason and Nunnelly Falls Apart

Oh, the whole love relationship possibility between Bull and Nunnelly falls apart. This episode is one of three featuring Dushku, who played Nunnelly. The actress signed on for a three-episode arc with a longer-term potential as a regular. But she found Weatherly’s on-set behavior made her uncomfortable. She complained and got written off the show.

Bull premiered on CBS in 2016. With as many episodes that have been on TV, some stinkers are going to pop up.

TV episodes can get a bad rating from fans. We get that, but why? Oh, for a lot of different reasons.

Sometimes, shows will dump their usual format for a different spin. Of course, much like this episode, moving away from the familiar cast situations can be a distraction.

Toss in some drama between actors and you have a fine mess of stuff. For this one episode of Bull, however, it really was a mix of things.