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Burt Reynolds Once Opened Up to Piers Morgan About Losing His Virginity

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

“You were 15 years old, and you lost your virginity to a woman in her mid-40s,” Piers Morgan asked Burt Reynolds. The movie superstar often called himself a redneck, but at that moment, he turned a shade not found in nature.

Shortly, before his death, Reynolds gave a lengthy, in-depth, and incredibly candid interview with Morgan. And it seemed nothing was off the table. Reynolds was open about his failures in his career, and personal life, his emotionally distant father, and yes, his first sexual experience. Even if it was statutory rape.

“Is it all flooding back to you, Burt?” Morgan asked about his first love affair.

“Yes, rather nicely,” he said, flashing that endless cool and charm.

Reynold explained that he had been playing with friends at a Palm Beach, Florida, pier where he happened.

“Well, in palm beach there’s a big pier, and I used to dive off the end of the pier showing off,” he said. “I was just a kid, and I saw this very attractive — I thought old woman watching me — and of course that made me even swan dive even more. And she asked if I’d like to have lunch. I thought that meant at the restaurant, you know?”

“And what would go on over lunch?” Morgan asked, setting him up.

“Well, I got to eat faster and faster,” he said to big laughs.

Burt Reynolds Learned of Dad From Army Buddies

Burt Reynolds’ father served with valor and distinction on D-Day. He took a hill by himself and personally saved the lives of several soldiers. He was tough but friendly, hard but fun. Burt Reynolds never really got to know that side of his dad, he told Piers Morgan. His father, Burton Leon Reynolds Sr., didn’t talk about his time in World War II like how he was part of the first wave of soldiers to hit the beach. Or how he was part of the 30 percent who survived.

“Did he ever talk to you about that?” Morgan then asked the actor.

“No. He wouldn’t talk about it,” Reynolds said. “But, I met men that served with him. Served under him. And idolized him.”

Reynolds said his father kept it all inside. The bad along with the good for almost the rest of his life. And it had a profound reaction on their relationship.

“That was a time, you know, an era when men didn’t show affection, you know?” Reynolds added during the interview. “I would have killed for a hug from him.”

Reynold said he couldn’t understand how a man could survive D-Day but couldn’t stand to hug his sons. Luckily, Reynolds Sr. lived to 94 years old, and in his final years, he finally found a way to put aside that baggage and talk to his son.

“He lived to be 94 and the last four years of his life we talked about a lot of things like that,” the actor also said. “And, he said some things I can’t even say now without crying. Had he not lived that long, I never would have heard them.”