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Cam Newton Pays Tribute to Jacob Blake With Custom Cleats

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Maddie Meyer / Staff / Getty Images)

Cam Newton is honoring Jacob Blake on Sunday’s NFL opener against the Miami Dolphins. The New England Patriots quarterback is sporting a custom pair of cleats paying tribute to Blake, who was shot by police officers in Kenosha, WI several weeks ago.

On one shoe, Newton’s cleat reads, “No Justice, No Peace.” On the other, the wording reads, “7 shots.” The NFL star’s shoes reference when Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back during an altercation with police. The incident led to mass riots and protests in the area and across the country.

Cam Newton Speaks Out at the Time of the Jacob Blake Shooting

At the time of the shooting, Cam Newton opened up about his thoughts on the controversial issue. He labeled many of the recent incidents in the country as “extremely disgusting” and continued by calling for unity.

“Man, it’s just disheartening,” Newton said. “Needless to say, what’s going on in this country of ours at times is extremely disgusting. And until we find a fix, I think more than ever we have to unify — one as much as possible. From the Black Lives Matter campaign, from social injustice, bringing awareness with that, and just everybody becoming more aware of certain things. And not necessarily turning their ear or turning their face with things that are extremely blatant.”

Newton continued by explaining why the situation hit so close to home for him.

“So, it becomes hard, being a father,” he said. “It becomes hard, knowing that yeah, you know what your day job is, but yet we have to use our platform to raise awareness for issues like this. And while we’re going through so much — from COVID-19, this is an election year, with voting and making everybody aware to vote — and having issues that still are pertinent in our society and in our community and still not seeing things done, you just have to stay focused and impact the things that you can impact the most.”

As the NFL season begins this week, many teams are protesting in different ways. Earlier on Sunday, the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles joined together for a demonstration prior to the game. Watch the clip here.

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