Cameras Catch Snoop Dogg Smoking Just Before Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show

by Josh Lanier

Snoop Dogg warmed up for his Super Bowl Halftime Show in the way you’d expect. Video taken from inside SoFi Stadium seems to show the 50-year-old rapper toking up ahead of Sunday’s performance.

Snoop Dogg joined Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and surprise guest 50 Cent for one a first-of-its-kind Halftime Show. Players have long made rap and hip hop part of the culture of the league, but the NFL has often tried to distance itself from the genres’ sometimes violent lyrics. Several people, including many police unions, condemned the show because of some things the performers have said in songs.

The pressure didn’t seem to take its toll on Snoop Dogg as he smoked what looked like a big blunt ahead of the Halftime Show. Cameras caught him crouched down on the stairs of the customizable stage in the moments before he went on. A Twitter video of the incident quickly went viral and has hundreds of thousands of retweets and comments. Most of those were some version of “water is wet” as Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus Jr., has never made a secret of his love of marijuana. Though it’s important to note, the drug is legal in California where the performance took place.

Snoop’s smoke wasn’t the biggest controversy of the night. That moment belonged to Eminem who kneeled on stage at the end of his performance. The gesture was in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, the former 49ers quarterback who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 to protest police violence.

Several other players and athletes have since kneeled during the anthem as a form of protest.

Willie Nelson Talks Smoking Weed with Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam

Snoop Dogg said the only person to “out smoke” him was Willie Nelson. The country music icon told The Daily Beast last year about the time he invited the rap legend to the Netherlands to partake.

“I called Snoop, and I said, ‘Hey buddy, you gotta come over here. This is where it’s at!’ So he came over, and we hit every bar, every smoke place in Amsterdam,” Nelson noted. “We had a helluva time.”

They followed that up with stops at every KFC in the city as well, Nelson laughed.

The music legends formed a unique friendship over their love of marijuana. Snoop Dogg appeared on two of Willie Nelson’s songs — 2009’s “My Medicine” and “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” in 2012 — about it. They both also have the unique distinction of publicly admitting to toking up in the White House. Nelson smoked with Jimmy Carter’s son, Chip. Something the former president confirmed in 2018. Snoop said he partook in the bathroom in 2014 during an event to honor jazz legend Herbie Hancock.