Camille Kostek Sets Instagram on Fire with Gorgeous New Swimsuit Photos

by Evan Reier

There’s not much that Camille Kostek doesn’t look good in, but her recently-released swimsuit line might see her at her best.

The model and host of Wipeout has been showing off her new line, titled the “Camille Kostek Collection” by Swimsuits For All. The 29-year-old is also passionate about her work with the brand, which looks to make form-fitting swimwear for people of all physical backgrounds.

In the latest addition to her growing collection of Instagram photos, Kostek showed off in a one-piece swimsuit.

“ooops, dropped my mask,” Camille Kostek wrote, with a wink emoji. “Wearing ‘she’s iconic’ in black from my CAMILLE KOSTEK COLLECTION with @swimsuitsforall and gold hoops from my CAMILLE COLLECTION with @dunejewelry

It’s one thing to have a swimsuit line, but jewelry too? Kostek has it all locked down.

For some more context on Swimsuits For All, read their description on the brand’s website below.

“We celebrate all bodies big and small,” the site reads. “[Swimsuits For All] believe women should be proud of their bodies and should be comfortable in their skin. We offer swimwear for all women between sizes 4-40. When it comes to style, we’ve got options— and a promise that you will find your perfect fit. You deserve to feel great!”

It’s a noble goal to say the least. And Kostek’s popularity and work should only help more women get the swimwear they want.

Camille Kostek Celebrates Birthday of BF Rob Gronkowski

On May 14, NFL star and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski celebrated his 32nd birthday. The former of University of Arizona standout has cultivated a legendary NFL career, but he’s also found an incredible relationship with Camille Kostek.

The pair met while they were both with the New England Patriots, with “Gronk” playing on the field and Kostek cheering on the sidelines. Since, the pair has been inseparable and unstoppable in their various endeavors.

Kostek got a hosting job on Wipeout as well as her consistent modeling success, while Gronkowski won another Super Bowl this year. It was a pretty good 31st year for Gronk. His 32nd got off to a good start with Camille Kostek sending a sweet birthday message on May 14.

“Happy birthday champ,” Kostek wrote. “I love doing this thing called life together. @gronk