Candace Cameron Bure Discusses ‘Inappropriate’ PDA Photo, Says She ‘Had No Shame’ Posting It

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Paul Archuleta / Contributor / Getty Images)

Candace Cameron Bure is defending herself and her husband once again after receiving criticism over an Instagram picture that members of her fan base deemed “inappropriate.”

The “Fuller House” star initially responded saying she found the critical comments humorous. During an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Bure, 44, echoed a similar sentiment and further commented on sexual intimacy within marriage.

“I love the fact that so many people had an opinion on it. It made me laugh because I wasn’t trying to make a statement,” she said. “This is just how my husband and I are. You know, we adore each other and we still have fun and we’re spicy together.”

Candace Cameron Bure posted the photo with the caption: “sweet and spicy…24 years and counting.” The first of two pics shows Bure’s husband, Val Bure, kissing his wife’s forehead. In the second, the two pose on a bridge while Val has his hand placed on Candace’s breast.

Candace Cameron Bure on Her ‘Playful’ Marriage

While some on social media took issue with Val’s hand placement in the photo, Candace considers the snap a candid look at their playful marriage.

“We have a playful, loving marriage and I think that’s why we’re still married 24 years later,” she continued. “But I did respond because I always get bummed out when people have been married for so long and then I feel like the joke is always like, ‘oh, we’re married – so that means we don’t have sex anymore.’ And it’s kind of like that a lot. And so I thought it was just a cute, funny picture and it was playful and it’s very much reflective of our personalities in real life.”

Furthermore, Candace explains that she feels some critics may wish their own marriage was “spicier than it is.”

“I’m like, hey, guys, if you’re complaining about the picture, maybe you might hope that your marriage is actually a little spicier than it is,” she said.

“But this is part of our healthy marriage. And I just wanted to say it because I had no shame in posting that picture. You know, nothing was exposed, I didn’t think it was immodest. It was just two people having fun and we’ve been married for 24 years, but together for 26 years. So I just am like, hey, the playfulness doesn’t stop just because you’re married.”

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