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Candace Cameron Bure Gets ‘Sicker and Sicker’ Each Year With Anxiety About Her Hallmark Films

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Recently, actress and author Candace Cameron Bure opened up about getting sick with anxiety over her Hallmark films.

The former Full House star spoke candidly about her fears during a recent podcast appearance. She joined The Call to Mastery podcast hosted by Jordan Raynor and talked about the pressure she feels when her movies come out on the Hallmark Channel.

Raynor breached the subject when he asked Cameron Bure how she stays grounded within the pressures of the entertainment industry. He reminded the actress that her self-worth “is not ultimately in how a book or movie performs.”

Cameron Bure said that she doesn’t sweat her writing career as much since it isn’t the focal point of her career. Additionally, she called her writing career a “bonus on my resume.” However, she acknowledged that she has a lot of stress over the performance of her Hallmark movies.

“On the flip side, I worry all the time about my movies,” Cameron Bure explained on the podcast. “I actually got sick to my stomach on this last Christmas movie that aired in November because I’ve created an anxiety for myself. My movies have been the top-performing movie seven years in a row. And you know, one day you’re going to slide off that pedestal.”

Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Letting Go of Her Career Fears

The former child star has been in the entertainment industry for most of her life. In fact, Candace Cameron Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, was a star of television and film in the ’80s and ’90s as well.

She knows the ups and downs of the rigorous industry and spoke openly of her career fears. The actress has starred in the top-performing Hallmark movie for seven years in a row. But she continuously worries about being knocked off of her pedestal.

“And so every year, it kind of makes me sicker and sicker every time I have a movie come out because I’m like, ‘Is this going to be the year? Is this it?’ ” Candace Cameron Bure said. “And I had to have a come to Jesus moment with myself in 2020 because I thought, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Meaning, why are you making the movies? I had to bring it back to my why. My why that I set 12 years ago, coming back to the industry.”

The actress loves her job and the connections she makes on set. Yet she had to do some soul searching last year to bring her back to her true purpose within the industry. Eventually, Cameron Bure was able to calm her own fears, and not worry about the success of her films.

“I had to remind myself of my why and then let it go and just say, ‘You know what, it doesn’t matter what those ratings are,'” the actress added.