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Candace Cameron Bure Has Former Co-Star Come to Her Defense After She’s Criticized as ‘Fake’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

A former “Full House” star came to Candace Cameron Bure’s defense from internet trolls. Some users have accused Bure of being “fake.”

Bure got a little reassurance from her television father Bob Saget. Appearing on Saget’s podcast “Here For You,” Bure discussed criticism she’s been facing online. Some online users have commented on social media that Bure puts on a fake, happy act for her followers.

“I’m going to ask you to talk about me for a second,” Bure told Saget. “For those people that think that because I am a happy, positive person, that I must be a fake person, would you say that that’s true or false?”

After all, who knows Bure better than Bob Saget? He practically watched her grow up while filming “Full House” together. Fortunately, Saget was completely on Team Candace Cameron Bure. And he had a message for all the internet critics out there.

“You’re the opposite of fake,” Saget promised. According to the “Full House” star, Bure has always been bright and bubbly. “And I’m sorry — you’re perky sometimes. What’s wrong with being perky?”

Candace Cameron Bure And Online Harassment

Candace Cameron Bure appreciated Bob Saget’s words of encouragement. Both Bure and Saget first started working together when Bure was just a child on “Full House” in 1987. They later reunited decades later for the sequel revival “Fuller House” on Netflix.

Recently, Bure has faced her share of online harassment. Sometimes, the comments she sees on her social media posts annoy her. But Bure admits that’s one of the pitfalls of having a public social media account and being in the limelight. Still, she wanted to confront the subject head-on.

“I only ask that because sometimes you read comments, and most of them, they roll off my back,” Bure said. “But when people are annoyed at me that I’m such a happy person… I was like, let someone speak into this that’s known me since I was 9 years old.”

Saget promised his “Full House” co-star that she had nothing to worry about. According to Saget, Bure is one of the most genuine people he’s ever met. The actor appreciated that Bure has always been a source of happiness even if she can be very high energy at times.

“You’re a positive person. So if you’re perky, it’s because you’re excited, and/or you’ve had a lot of caffeine,” Saget said. “That’s what people should know — there’s nothing fake about you.”