Candace Cameron Bure Has a Really Hard Time Getting a Boot Off, Turns into a ‘Mop’ in New Video

by Taylor Cunningham

Our favorite Hallmark channel sleuth had a major fashion mishap today. Candace Cameron Bure tried on a new pair of Zara boots, and now she can’t get them off.

Candace Cameron Bure has a style sense that makes most of us swoon. Her wardrobe is what dreams are made out of. In fact, she has such a good eye for fashion that she came out with her own clothing line. It’s aptly named after her.

However, even fashionistas have wardrobe malfunctions sometimes, and she had a big one today. But being the ever-charming and optimistic person she is, she found the humor in the situation. So, she had a friend recorded the struggle and posted it on Instagram—so we could all laugh along.

“Who needs a mop when you have @erinnoella and me trying to take off a @zara boot,” she wrote.

In the video, Candace is on the floor, and her friend is trying with all her might to get a black bootie off of Candace’s foot. The Fuller House star is being dragged across the wood. And, as she pointed out in her caption, she’s probably cleaning it well.

Laughing hysterically, she yells, “I can’t get it off! I literally cannot get this shoe off!” By the end, her friend does manage to tug at least one of the boots off. We don’t know if they had the same luck with the second.

Candace Cameron Bure Declares ‘Family Nights Are the Best’

The reason fans loves Candace Cameron Bure so much is that she’s relatable. She has mishaps and dilemmas just like the rest of us. And she doesn’t take herself too seriously. But most importantly, her family is always her number one priority. 

If you look at Cameron’s Instagram site, it’s covered in pictures and videos of her husband and three kids. And in a recent post, she declared that her favorite thing to do is spend time with them. She also wanted to give some words of encouragement to parents who are currently suffering through the woeful teenage years.

“Parents of teenagers- hang in there!!! It gets better. Family nights are simply the best,” she wrote alongside a picture with her husband Valeri, daughter Natasha, and son Lev.

Candace Cameron Bure just recently got through the last of the teenage years herself. Her youngest son, Maksim, was absent from the snapshot because he recently headed off to college

The Aurora Teagarden star finished by saying, “time spent continues to get better as we all get older. So much love, laughter, and appreciation for each other.”