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Candace Cameron Bure Posts Heartwarming Pics From 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip With Husband

by Jennifer Shea
Kris Connor/Getty Images for Sherri Hill

Candace Cameron Bure spent her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband, Valeri Bure, in Pebble Beach at Casa Palmero, a Mediterranean-style lodging located beneath the first and second holes of Pebble Beach Golf Links.

“June 22nd we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!! 25 years!!” Cameron Bure posted. “Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and, in humility, our willingness to trust Him and allow those who’ve gone before us and those who haven’t but know God’s Word to speak into us. And grateful for every other bit of solid advice and encouragement in between.”

Cameron Bure went on to share broad advice on marriage, concluding, “I believe God is the secret sauce. I have more love for this man today than the day we married each other. And I know he does for me. Praise the Lord.”

Candace Cameron Bure Is ‘the Worst’ at Anniversary Gifts

The “Full House” actress is admittedly bad at anniversary gifts, at least compared to her husband, who always comes up with something thoughtful.

“We are exchanging gifts, although I’m terrible at anniversary gifts. I’m the worst,” Cameron Bure told Us Weekly. “Val always comes up with something that’s wonderful and theme related, meaning it’s 25 years… It’s silver. So he will for sure get something that has silver.”

But while the couple figured out their anniversary gifts separately, they did make some plans in tandem. For example, the trip to Pebble Beach.

“We are going to go away to Northern California for a few days to just spend a couple of days together,” Cameron Bure said before they went on their trip. “We have some dinners at [our] favorite restaurants, and we’re just going to enjoy the coast and the beach and one another.”

Quarantine Was a Crucible for Their Marriage

The pandemic was tough on a lot of people. Cameron Bure and her husband seem to have been fortunate enough not to lose family members to the coronavirus, but they were stuck at close quarters together while they quarantined at home.

“When you’re all in a house together for [over a year], you have to start talking about the things you kind of avoid because of work and travel and all that stuff,” Cameron Bure told Us Weekly. “We just pushed through some of the things that were eating away at both of us.”

That approach was not without hurt feelings, she conceded. But they worked through those things together. And that, Cameron Bure realized, is what marriage is all about.