Candace Cameron Bure Isn’t the Only Former ‘The View’ Host Blasting the Show

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BMI)

Shortly after Candace Cameron Bure said she has “PTSD” from her time hosting The View, another former host said she also hated her time working on the popular daytime talk show.

Raven-Symoné said she felt producers tricked her into hosting the show by misrepresenting what they would discuss. Symoné joined Cameron Bure and Sara Haines, all former hosts of the show, on The View: Behind the Table podcast this week.

“I got catfished,” Symoné said. “… I thought I was going on a show, like Candace, where it was pop culture and fun and exciting and I got catfished, and I learned a good lesson.”

Cameron Bure said producers initially pitched the show as light-hearted entertainment. But that changed when Donald Trump joined the presidential race in 2015.

“I said, ‘Politics is not, it’s not my bag. I’ve never spoken publicly about politics. I don’t even come from a political family, meaning I didn’t grow up speaking about politics,’” she explained. “So they had told me, ‘We’re going so much lighter,’ a lot more would be evergreen. We want to talk more about family and sex and life, so I was like, ‘Absolutely, 100 percent, I’m on board.’ And then it all changed when Trump entered the race.”

Cameron Bure said she felt cornered into defending her conservative values.

“The stress and the anxiety — I actually have a pit in my stomach right now,” the Fuller House star said, according to PEOPLE. “There was only one type of stress that I’ve ever felt in my life, that came from that show. And I [have] PTSD, like, I can feel it. It was so difficult, and to manage that emotional stress was very, very hard.”

Symoné and Cameron Bure co-hosted The View from 2015-2016.

Cameron Bure Feared She Would Be A Punching Bag for ‘The View’

Candace Cameron Bure said leaving The View was a “very easy decision.”

“As soon as Donald Trump won that election, I was like, this has got to go because I could not — I did not want to be the punching bag for the next four years in that conservative seat,” Cameron Bure said. “I just didn’t want to. And it wasn’t worth it to me. It wasn’t worth my mental health, which was already suffering, so it was a very easy decision.”

Cameron Bure felt pressure as the lone conservative voice on the panel. Raven-Symoné said she felt similar discomfort being the only LGBT person on The View.

But despite their distaste for the show’s topics, though, both said they had no ill feelings toward the cast or crew.

“The only reason I really got through a lot of the stuff that I did get through was because of Whoopi [Goldberg] and the producers as well,” she explained. “There is something amazing about behind the scenes of The View that kind of puts the salve over all the BS that’s going on on-camera that made it tolerable to stay as long as we did.”