Candace Cameron Bure Reveals ‘Inside Sneak Peek’ of Wine Cellar in Napa Valley Home

by Keeli Parkey

In addition to talking about her new Hallmark movie, Candace Cameron Bure shared a look into a unique location inside her Napa Valley home with Access Daily on Friday.

During the interview with Kit Hoover and Scott Evans, Bure appears inside one of the wine cellars used in the family business. “We produce wine,” she said. “… That’s what my husband does for the last 15 years. Now you get the inside sneak peek.”

As a result, Evans was particularly impressed with the cellar at Bure Family Wines, calling it a “quarantine dream.”

“Now we know where we’re headed for the holidays,” he also said.

Hoover suggested Bure use her real life as inspiration for her next Hallmark movie. “That’s very Hallmarky, right?” Hoover said. “You start a vineyard. You go to Napa, right? This writes itself.”

“You’re right on the nose for my next Christmas movie,” Bure joked in response.

Also during Friday’s interview, Candace Cameron Bure said her latest Hallmark Christmas movie, “If I Only Had Christmas,” was inspired by one of her favorite films.

“My producer and I developed this script,” Bure told the hosts. “‘The Wizard of Oz’ is my all-time favorite movie. So, you’ll see all the themes – like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, even the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wizard. All the characters somehow relate or correspond to one in the Wizard of Oz. … We have some of the key catchphrases from the Wizard of Oz as well. So, lots of fun.”

The hosts also took Bure down memory lane, showing her a photo of a scene from the television show “St. Elsewhere” where she acted alongside Denzel Washington.

“That was the first television show I was on as a reoccurring character,” she said.

Watch the full clip here: