Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Secret to Happy Marriage Ahead of 25th Anniversary

by Matthew Wilson

Candace Cameron Bure has been married for a long time. So the actor must know a few secrets to a lasting happy marriage. Ahead of her 25th anniversary, the actor opened up about her relationship.

Cameron Bure married former NHL player Valeri Bure on June 22, 1996. For 25 years, the couple and their love have remained strong. In fact, Bure’s passion for her husband has been so strong that it’s gotten her some backlash online in the past.

One of the secrets Cameron Bure imparted was taking the good days with the bad. She admitted her marriage hasn’t always been perfect at times. But she and her husband have found a way to overcome the rocky moments to cherish the good moments.

“Some days you just gotta hang in there, ’cause you’re in it and you gotta stay in it, even if you don’t wanna be in it. It’s hills and valleys along the way,” Cameron Bure told Entertainment Tonight.

In fact, Cameron Bure is looking forward to their 25th Anniversary with quiet anticipation. She admittedly feels pressured by such a big occasion.

“Big anniversary coming up,” Bure said. “There’s like a little pressure. I need to do something extra, and my husband is usually so good and plans the anniversary, but I’m like, ‘I gotta step up my game.'”

Candace Cameron Bure in the Pandemic

Spending close time together during the COVID-19 pandemic was make or break for many couples. But for Candace Cameron Bure, the opportunity gave her the chance to grow even more in love with her husband. She enjoyed getting to spend the downtime together.

“Especially with last year, all of us staying home so much. I fell in love with my husband all over again. We’re spending so much time, I remember all the things that I forgot about because life has been so busy,” Cameron Bure told the outlet.

And Cameron Bure has advice for all those couples just at the beginning of their marriages as well.

“You really try to, I always say, put your spouse on a pedestal. And in return, you’re hoping, which my husband does, we have the same respect for one another other… and some days neither of us deserve it, but we do it because we honor one another and respect each other. You hang in there, you’re always going to come back on the upswing if you’re in a low spot,” she said.