Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Why She’s ‘Terrible’ at Giving Husband Valeri Anniversary Gifts

by Quentin Blount

Some people are naturally good at giving gifts, but actress Candace Cameron Bure is evidently not one of those people.

Cameron Bure, the popular actress who played DJ Tanner on Full House and Fuller House, is coming up on her 25th wedding anniversary. She has been married to former professional ice hockey player Valeri Bure since June of 1996. The high-profile couple shares children Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19.

And to celebrate 25 years of marriage, Candace Cameron Bure says that she and her hubby will be exchanging gifts with each other as they normally do. But in speaking with Us Weekly, the 45-year-old admitted that her husband has the upper hand in the creativity department.

“We are exchanging gifts, although I’m terrible at anniversary gifts,” Cameron Bure said. “I’m the worst. Val always comes up with something that’s wonderful and theme-related, meaning it’s 25 years… It’s silver. So he will for sure get something that has silver.”

The actress says that her approach this year is to go small, but meaningful.

“I have something that is really small and not expensive, but I had something custom made,” she said. “So that felt a little extra on my part, but it’s not extravagant.”

In addition to their routine gift exchange, Valeri and Candace Cameron Bure will be taking a romantic getaway to spend some quality time together.

“We are going away to Northern California for a few days to just spend a couple of days together,” Cameron Bure explained. “We have some dinners at our favorite restaurants, and we’re just going to enjoy the coast and the beach and one another.”

Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Her Marriage with Valeri Bure

After looking back on 25 years of a happy marriage, Candace Cameron Bure said that she had the “wedding of my dreams.” She also talks about being young and not being too controlling about things as a bride.

“I was not a bridezilla. I was also 20 years old, and I feel like 25 years ago, it was different,” Cameron Bure said. “I had the wedding of my dreams, but it was just like, lots of compromise along the way. I didn’t even know what I wanted really. So it kind of made it easy when people would make suggestions.”

25 years later, Cameron Bure also opens up about her faith. Not only does she have her husband Valeri Bure as a rock, but she can also lean on her Christian faith.

“I live by faith in everything, in everything that I do, and every aspect of my life,” Cameron Bure said. “So it’s not just something that I rely on or is a crutch. I mean, it is genuinely who I am. How it helps me? It’s hard to say because it’s just a part of my being.”